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Take your Healing Practice with
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2013 Healing with Horses

For the first time ever gathered in one place! The most exciting Leaders & Innovators in our field come together to give you the intimate, practical NEW concepts, insights, activities, and inspiration you need to super-charge your equine-assisted business.

Ready to be empowered to serve with Horse more powerfully than ever before? Than you don't want to miss a single exciting and uplifting session of this years gathering.

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2013 Schedule of Experts

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Wednesday March 20

Vicki Talvi-Cole presents
An Equine Equinox Experience:
A Guided Journey Out of the Shadows ~ Into the Light

Our Kick-Off Event!

Listen to the Recording HERE



Monday April 1

Linda Kohanov presents
The Power of the Herd:
A Nonpredatory Approach to Social Intelligence,
Leadership, and Innovation



Tuesday April 2

SummitShannon Knapp presents
Incorporating Parelli Practices into EAP/EAL Sessions 



*BIZ WIZ* Wednesday April 3

SummitSchelli Whitehouse presents
The Soul of Your Brand:
Experience Your Unique Essence and Connect Your
Equine Assisted Practice to the Heart of Your Ideal Clients



Thursday April 4

Margrit Coates presents
Horse as Healer: What Horses Want You to Know about
Partnering with them for Healing & Change



Friday April 5

SummitJennifer Oikle, Ph.D. presents
The Equine Inspired Inner Inquiry Process:
Combining Intuition, Energy, Creative Expression
& Movement with Horses for Healing

A special 2-hour teaching & experiential event!



Saturday April 6


SUmmitKerry Borcherding, MA, LPC presents
Mounted Magic:
Incorporating Yoga-Inspired Movement on Horseback
A Somatic Facilitation Skill for All Practitioners


Sunday April 7

SummitSherry Simon-Heldt, MS, & Jim Morris, Ph.D., present
EquUSessence Somatic Psychotherapy™: 
Experiencing Movement toward Connection,
Congruency, & Centeredness with Self and Others


Monday April 8

RyanLiz Mitten Ryan presents
Equinisity and One Consciousness
in All Life



Tuesday April 9

Kathy Pike presents
4 Steps to the Present:
Integrating Body, Mind, and Spirit with Horses



*BIZ WIZ* Wednesday April 10

SummitAnn Romberg & Lynn Baskfield of
Wisdom Horse Coaching
The Being of Business:
The Essential Question
Business Plans Fail to Ask


Thursday April 11

SummitAsia Voight presents
Discovering Your Soul Contracts with Horse
How Horses Really Help Us Heal



Friday April 12

ReidBrian Reid, presents
Horses Know the Way Home:
How to Release toward your Desires
using your Own Personal Horse Power


Saturday April 13

Juli Lynch, Ph.D. presents
The Personality Archetypes of Horsemanship:
How the Archetype of Personality Impacts & Influences
the Equine Facilitated Healer & Teacher



Sunday April 14

SummitDrea Bergquist-Bowen, BCC, HEAL presents
The Missing Link: Empowering Your Facilitation Skills
by Prioritizing the Horse-Facilitator Relationship




Monday April 15

Kathleen Barry Ingram, M.A. presents
Limbic Lessons: Translating the Client's Felt-Experience
with the Horse to Create Lasting Change Outside the Session



Tuesday April 16

SummitJackie Stevenson presents

May the Horse Be With You:
Entering the Culture of Horse & Herd
Using the 4 Stages of the Appreciative Inquiry Model





*BIZ WIZ* Wednesday April 17

SummitLucinda Newman presents
Getting Your Good Work Out There:  
A Plan to Take Your Equine Practice or
Business to the Next Level



Thursday April 18


SummitNedda Wittels, MS, MA presents
Equines, Unicorns, and Pegasi: 
The Healing Connections


Friday April 19

SummitDuey Freeman, MA & Joan Rieger, MA of the
Gestalt Equine Institute of the Rockies
Gestalt Equine Therapy:
The Relational Art of Making Healing
Contact with Self, Horse & Other


Saturday April 20

SummitSherry Ackerman, Ph.D. presents
The TAO Dance:
A Yoga of Two
Horse as a Mirror of the Psyche



Sunday April 21

David Harris presents
Heartfelt Mindfulness in Leadership:
Being Human at Work



Monday April 22

Ariana Strozzi presents
Embodying the Authentic Self with Somatics:
Working with the Mind, Body & Spirit in
Equine Guided Education




Tuesday April 23

PJ Stegen presents
Equine Experiential Education Facilitation Skills:
Using the 5 Question Model to Facilitate Insight & Change



*BIZ WIZ* Wednesday April 24

SummitJessica Baker presents
3 Key Steps to Attracting Clients & Making Money
in your Equine Inspired Practice




Thursday April 25

Wendy Golding presents
Co-Creative Facilitation with Horse:
Deepening Your Partnership with Horse
to Expand the Healing Potential


Friday April 26

SummitTim & Bettina Jobe present
Trauma Focused Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy:
Utilizing the Natural Lifemanship™ Model to Create Change
through a Mutually Beneficial Horse-Human Relationship



Saturday April 27

SummitLynn Clifford, MA presents
Self Care & Soulful Service:
Solutions for Burn Out in Human & Horse Helpers




Sunday April 28

Stanlee Smith presents
Welcoming Yourself Home:
Cultivating the Inner Witness
Guided Exercises for Connecting
More Deeply with Self, Other & Horses


Monday April 29

SummitPaul Smith, Ph.D. of Prescott College presents
Meaningful Metaphors
The Art of Constructing Powerful & Positive
Equine Experiences



Tuesday April 30

KaneBeverley Kane, MD, presents
Somatic Horsemanship for EAL/P Practitioners:
Fitness, Stress Reduction, and Healthy Aging
Through a Physical Relationship With Horses

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Can't make all of this year's extraordinary sessions?
Don't worry, the Summit will be available as a downloadable, MP3 Set
so you can learn from our field's leaders,
any time, any where.

Easily this year's most convenient & affordable investment
to empower your practice!!!

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