Expanding the Healing Power of the Horse * Human Heart Connection!

Welcome to the
2014 Healing with Horses


The Portal of Presence:
Accessing Multi-Dimensionality through
Partnering with Horses

with Barbara Rector,
of Adventures in Awareness

What if
Horses Helped Humans Practice Presencing so Profoundly that
they can Access Simultaneous Awareness of Realities?

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Join one of the grandmothers of our field, Barbara Rector, for this enlivening look into how partnering with horses can open us up to access all of who we really are! We’ll explore several of the primary components to her equine-facilitated model, Adventures in Awareness.

You’ll discover:

~ How opening your sessions with the Safety Agreement creates a profound invitation for clients to own responsibility for change

~ How the process of Mutual Choosing between horses and clients heightens a successful outcome

~ How being in the presence of horses helps us to practice Presence, which opens a powerful portal to simultaneous awareness, through which flows new information and unexpected solutions

~ The importance of the horse professional role in creating the safety that allows for greater multidimensional awareness

~ How to practice Con Su Permiso with your horses, a powerful invitational approach that opens the doorway for both horses and humans to access what most wants to happen together

~ Ways to begin Feeling the Field, where much information is available to guide how you show up in the world, with yourself and others

~ An Equine-Facilitated Exercise in joint breathing that opens clients to inner awareness

Join this adventure into the deeper avenues that horses offer us to become aware of Who We Really Are as spiritual beings having a human experience!

Recommended Resources

~ Watch a video of Barbara explaining the concept of Con Su Permiso here!

~ Barbara’s Book: Adventures in Awareness

~ Lisa Walters: In the Field with Horses

~ Larry Dossey: The Field, nonlocality, http://larrydosseymd.com

~ Carolyn Resnick: Waterhole Rituals, the inspiration for Con Su Permiso, http://www.carolynresnickblog.com

~ Ann Marie Chiason: Energy Medicine, combing the field
, http://www.annmariechiassonmd.com

About the Expert Equine Facilitator

Barbara Rector has four decades sharing horses with people educationally and therapeutically. She has traveled the world training professionals in her unique process for learning what
horses have to teach humans.
Horses offer life skills of self responsibility, clear communication, effective listening, congruent behavior and heart centered teamwork.

Barbara holds a Masters in Spiritual Psychology from Holy Names University; she is a lifelong student and teacher. Her love of horses has her joining with the University of Arizona Medical School to research the physiology of the horse and human bond.

Her first book, Adventures In Awareness: Learning with the Help of Horses is available in paperback and e-book format from Amazon. Barbara is also a Licensed HorseDream Partner.

Please connect at: adventuresinawareness.net


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