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Ann Romberg & Lynn Baskfield of
Wisdom Horse Coaching
The Being of Business:
The Essential Question Business Plans Fail to Ask

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You’ve developed the skills to bring the horses into people’s lives as healers, coaches and teachers or trainers. Now it’s time to hang your shingle. Perhaps you’ve even completed a business plan, looked at the market, identified the competition, chosen your niche and made your unique offer. Why, then, aren’t people flocking to your door?

This interview looks not so much at what you need to do to step into your business wholeheartedly, but instead, it looks at who you need to be. Ann and Lynn will give examples and tell stories that illustrate the blind spots they had about where they were holding back, what beliefs were in the way, and what energy they needed to tap into to show up in the world as the committed, passionate, qualified equine guided practitioners that they are. There will be an experiential activity for you to look for yourself at where you’re standing in your own way and how you can open yourself to success.

Tune in to experience:

~ How aligning your DOING with your BEING can power up your practice

~ Why finding your own uniquely perfect balance of doing & being is important for success

~ The number one question you can ask that will completely shift the way you focus your daily activity

~ A simple exercise you can facilitate with horses to illuminate hidden, underlying limiting beliefs

~ How horses help expose your Inner Critic quickly & effectively!

~ A super powerful & detailed guided experience of joining with the herd around the Medicine Wheel to discover exactly how the horses are inviting you and your clients to BE, which you can immediately implement both personally & professionally!

~ A great coaching question you can use to anchor real and lasting change for your clients

brian reidAnn Romberg and Lynn Baskfield work well together as business partners and friends, blending their coaching styles and experience to bring the very best to their clients. They are at a time in life when wisdom is at the heart of what they offer. They make it their job to help clients tap into their own wisdom and resources to create purposeful work environments and fulfilled lives. They are both experienced horsewomen as well as certified life and business coaches. The horses they partner with mirror back energy patterns and blind spots that, once discovered, free up untapped potential.

Ann Kerr Romberg

Ann is deeply passionate about leaders to self-awareness, awareness of other and leadership presence in order to bring greater consciousness to corporations. Twenty-five years in Fortune 500 companies as a first line through middle manager and corporate officer showed her the gap that is present for managers and how much more effective they could be with the support of a leadership coach. 

Besides her passion for coaching and horses, Ann loves to bring energy healing to animals. 

Ann is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, Certified Equine-Guided Educator (since 2003) and is a member of International Coach Federation and Minnesota Coaches Association.  She has done extensive training in Equine-Guided Coaching, presented at national conferences and has worked internationally. Her degrees include a BA in Math and Psychology and an MS in Computer Science. She is also a qualified Myers-Briggs Personality Type practitioner and Reiki Master.

Lynn Baskfield

Lynn guides people through rites of passage with storytelling, writing, nature and horses. A lifelong horsewoman, she partners with horses to evoke insights and learning that her clients cannot get anywhere else.  It is Lynn's experience that when her clients connect with themselves through the horses, empowerment and creative solutions emerge quite naturally.

Lynn has a Master of Arts in Human Development and is a certified life coach, transformational educator and the author of two books. She has trained with Coaches Training Institute, The Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association (EAGALA), and the Rancho Strozzi’s Horses and Coaching program, and has presented at several national trainings and conferences.  It is her joy to help people make a living—and have a life—doing what they love.

Please learn more about them here: http://www.wisdomhorsecoaching.com/


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