Expanding the Healing Power of the Horse * Human Heart Connection!

Welcome to the
2013 Healing with Horses



Listen to the RECORDINGS of the
LIVE, 2013 Kick-Off Calls!

Vicki Talvi-Cole presents
An Equine Equinox Experience:
A Guided Journey Out of the Shadows ~ Into the Light

"From the valleys of your heart Horse has come; your iridescent light shinning your beauty, magnificence and Love  . . . compelling you forward.

Join with us, move through and beyond the Gateway; step forward, let us breathe into you; we will connect beyond imagination ~ beyond your sphere of consciousness and throughout eternity, as we become one.


THANK YOU to the over 160 people who joined these sessions live!
We appreciate you adding your energy to the Human Herd.

This live call was done twice- let your intuition guide you as to which one to listen to.
Both are similar & powerful, and each has a different section of coaching at the end.

The first call was on the actual Equinox and the energy was so huge we had a few technical difficulties- which have been edited out and you might not even notice!
Listen here (left click to listen, right click to download to your compuer)...

Equine Equinox Experience: Equinox Edition, 1 hr 14 min

The second call was the following Sunday, without technical interruption.
Listen here (left click to listen, right click to download to your compuer)...

Equine Equinox Experience: Sunday Edition, 1 hr 26 min

Enjoy your Journey with Horse!

About the Equine Equinox Experience

Gather with like-hearted others during this live community call to experience yourself expand with the unconditional healing frequencies of horse as you feel the connectedness of healing throughout your body, mind, emotions and Spirit!

During this healing adventure you will:

* Connect to the essence and presence of your Higher-self

* Free yourself from limiting life themes and beliefs that hold you back

* Realize and apply your power to choose

* Merge with Horse Consciousness

* And, align with your dreams; installing them into your reality

Lines will be open for listeners after this guided journey to share, comment, and receive healing insights as Intuitive Healer Vicki Talvi-Cole bridges your Soul with your Cells to assist you with your personal life design and journey!

Please join our Human Herd as we gather on this powerful date,
the Equinox, for this transformative journey to
invite forth our Best Selves to partner with Horse,
as well as kick off the *first ever* Healing with Horse Tele-Summit!


About Vicki Talvi-Cole

brian reidIt was a beautiful spring day and a great celebration was taking place. The planets, stars, moon and sun were all coming into alignment; all the Divine players had put on their disguises and ready to play their roles.

With a few hugs left to receive and best wishes given, the timing was here; a leap was made. And then hearing, "Oh, by the way, you won't remember!"…. her eyes opened…. she forgot...the journey to remembering began….

Recognized as a gifted Intuitive healer, Vicki Talvi-Cole, CACST, NTS, CHt, NLP, RM, artist, sage
and co-creator, has developed knowledge and wisdom to focus, track and discern the effects of existing imbalances that are hidden on all levels of the human energy systems ~ the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

There is a synergy that takes place between Vicki and her HorseHealing Friends. With this shared connection they guide people through the invisible abyss of their bodies; tracing the subtle energies of their linage of imprints where habitual thinking, self-limiting beliefs and other emotional and physical symptoms cause frustrating health and life patterns.

Vicki is the bridge allowing Divine energies to come through her, for you, to you. There is always a moment of stillness that has no words, the Gateway opens, subtle energies shift, a new sense of being arises ~ this is where healing takes place… at a soul-ular level.

Vicki Talvi-Cole and her horses are co-designers of HorseHealing Gateway™ at WindHorse Ranch. Inspiring others with new concepts and new perceptions, she shares her 30+ years of wisdom and expertise gathered from Nature, the Animal Kingdom, healing energies, along with a constellation of other healing arts.

Vicki consistently offers fierce nurturing, compassion and wonderful words of wisdom with an endless supply of humor and growth.

HorseHealing Gateway™ is committed to helping passion-driven individuals find the profit in the great works of their Soul’s Journey.

For more information visit HorseHealingGateway.com

Vicki Talvi-Cole, CACST, NTS, CHt, NLP, RM,
Bridging your Soul with your Cells™
WindHorse Ranch, Marana, Arizona


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