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Sherry Simon-Heldt, MS, & Jim Morris, Ph.D., present
EquUSessence Somatic Psychotherapy™: 
Experiencing Movement toward Connection, Congruency, & Centeredness
with Self and Others

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In this insightful and useful session incorporating somatics, you'll get practical information you can apply to your work with horses. Listen in to experience:

~ How working with horses can be mutually healing- for both the horse and the human!

~ How working with horses helps clients achieve nervous system regulation of the fight, flight, and freeze responses

~ An understanding of how the horses activate the ventral/vagal response that helps clients achieve a feeling of safety and connection

~ How to use a powerful 3 stage exercise with clients and couples to explore the issues of "How do I connect with myself? And what happens when I connect with others?"

~ How to use Gravity Grounding, an exercise on top of the horse to promote client healing

~ An important exercise you can use with your clients to help them orient to their surroundings, ground in their body, and create a resource for use in creating safety when facing powerful emotions

Sherry & Jim will be facilitating at the
**Healing with Horse Festival & Symposium**
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sSherry Simon-Heldt, MS, LISAC, GC-C is a Certified Equine-Integrative Psychotherapist and a Certified Grief Counselor. She has worked in the counseling field for 25 years in community college, agency, and university settings. Prior to opening her own practice in 2002, she was employed by the University of  Arizona College of Public Health as a trainer-of-trainers for a statewide addiction cessation program.  Sherry works with individuals, couples, and groups in process of addiction recovery, healing childhood sexual trauma, and grief.

As an equine-facilitated therapist for the past seven years, Sherry has developed and conducted various equine-related workshops for professionals and clients, and served as a mentor for students interested in the field of equine therapy. In addition to working from her own ranch in Tucson, she has held workshops in other states, developed an equine therapy program at a residential treatment facility in Central America, and served as the equine therapist for a women’s treatment facility in Tucson.  

Sherry shares her life with her husband Tim, five equines, and two dogs. When not involved in professional activities, she spends her time working with her horses and trail riding with family and friends.

Jim Morris, Ph.D., LPC
, is a Somatic Psychotherapist who has worked in the mental health field for over thirty years.  His employment history includes Sierra Tucson, where he held the following administrative positions; Clinical Director, Assistant Clinical Director/Clinical Supervisor.  In addition, he was a therapist in their Program for Sexual & Trauma Recovery and also their chemical dependency/mental health programs.
Before working at Sierra Tucson, Jim was a therapist at the University of Maryland at Baltimore, School of Medicine, Department of Psychiatry.  His work at the University was in the area of addiction and also in the area of developmental disabilities.  In addition, he had a private practice in Maryland with a focus in sex therapy/education.

Jim is currently in private practice.  He utilizes experiential, cognitive-behavioral, EMDR, and Somatic Psychotherapy. In addition to doing individual, couple, family and group psychotherapy, he has been co-conducting equine-facilitated intensives and workshops (for both professionals and clients) with Sherry in their EquUSessence program.

Please visit their website for more info: http://equineexplorations.com/


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