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Sherry Ackerman, Ph.D. presents
The TAO Dance: A Yoga of Two
Horse as a Mirror of the Psyche

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Gain an understanding of the healing doorway horses offer to us during this intriguing session with the author of Dressage in the Fourth Dimension. Listen in to experience:

~ What we can learn from understanding horses as embodiments of the Anima Munde, the World Soul

~ Horses as a gateway to experiencing the Divine Feminine

~ How the difference between our normal way of DOING in the Alpha brain state, and the horses way of BEING in the Beta brain state introduces a powerful opportunity for healing and consciousness

~ How to use the Schumann Resonance, the frequency of Nature, to enter the Beta brain state to create a more powerful, healing connection with horse

~ A powerful breathing exercise to promote the Beta state and harmonious, balanced energy flow in the body

~ A unique guided meditation to access the Beta state and use it to unite with the energy field of a horse, for healing, riding, training, or unity of consciousness!

~ How Horses help us access the fourth dimension of unconditional love and acceptance, where powerful moments of healing can transform our consciousness

Sherry AckermanSherry Ackerman, Ph.D. is a professor of philosophy, as well as an internationally acclaimed dressage clinician. She sees dressage as transformational, as an avenue to reflection, exploration, and self-knowledge through which riders can experience liberation from their narrowly, egotistic I-ness. Dr. Ackerman is one of the American dressage industry’s leading proponents of dressage as a philosophical, spiritual, and artistic practice. Her book, Dressage in the Fourth Dimension, has been a pioneer work in awakening dressage consciousness, a finger pointing at the moon. It required readers to deconstruct every assumption they have ever held, to ask “Why?” and become okay with not-knowing.

Dr. Ackerman’s work during the last few years has been concerned with the theme of liberation. She points toward a consideration of humanity’s liberation from societal conditioning, from externally legislated morality and normative thinking, and ultimately, from the egoistic self. Dr. Ackerman’s concept of the fourth dimension requires readers to leave the analytic, objective mind behind and enter into the mystery of inspiration. Dr. Ackerman lives at the foot of Mount Shasta, in California, and attempts in the silence of the woods to practice what Dressage in the Fourth Dimension teaches. Living quietly with her horses, she seeks transformation.

For more information, see www.sherryackerman.com.


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