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Shannon Knapp presents
Incorporating Parelli Practices into EAP/EAL Sessions 

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Shannon has been helping facilitators build their business for years and she's always incorporated Parelli principles into her work. Discover how similar the underlying principles of EAP & Parelli are! Tune in to experience:

~ How the 3 Parelli Promises mirror the underlying principles of EAL/P

~ How Parelli practices can be used to keep your horses fresh for healing sessions

~ How using the Parelli Games can be a fantastic way to assess your horses for suitability and understand how to partner with them more effectively in sessions

~ How Parell's concept of "Horsenality" can help you gauge best-fit for clients and horses

~ How applying "Horsenality" with clients can be a useful therapeutic exploration

~ How to use the 7 Parelli Games differently during the three phases of therapy/change for maximum impact

~ Tips for using the Parelli concept of pressure levels in working effectively with boundaries and power themes during sessions

~ An effective activity you can use with clients and horses to practice what it is like to lead, follow, share, and change positions of leadership

~ A special exercise with horses to help foster empathy and the ability to see from alternative perspectives

~ 5 questions to ask of every activity you facilitate to ensure it's a win-win for the client as well as the horse!

Resources & Upcoming Programs from Horse Sense of the Carolinas!

More than a Mirror: Horses, Humans and Therapeutic Practices, Shannon's newest book, is now available! Click here for more information and to download a free 35+ page excerpt!

Parelli & Equine Assisted Practices Forum, April 13 & 14 in Marshall, NC. Click here for more information! (Space limited; register soon to reserve your space!)

Virtual Business Building Intensive, May 4 & 5, Webinar to Support you Equine Assisted Practice. Click here for more information!

4th Annual Horses and Youth Symposium, June 8 & 9, in Marshall, NC. Click here for more information! (Space limited; register soon to reserve your space!)

brian reidShannon Knapp is founder and president of both Horse Sense of the Carolinas, Inc., and Horse Sense Business Sense.  Shannon has worked with and taught horses and people for over 25 years. After 10 years teaching in college, she left academia and began working with abused & neglected horses. She began pairing "rescued" horses with people in 2001, and Horse Sense was formed soon after. She and her husband Richard continue to work with horses through horse rescue organizations and local humane societies and law enforcement.

Shannon is EAGALA Advanced Certified, a Parelli Level 2 graduate and is the author of the book, Horse Sense Business Sense, Volume 1, an introduction to starting and running your own Horse Therapy & Learning practice, as well as numerous other resources for Horse Therapy & Learning organizations.

In addition, Shannon is a Graduate Advisor for Prescott College's Equine Assisted Learning Masters program, & offers consulting services to those interested in starting their own Horse Therapy & Learning business.

Currently Shannon and Richard are piloting programming to support horse professionals and mental health professionals with their horsemanship skills for EAP/EAL programs utilizing Parelli principles, practices and ideas.

Shannon latest book, More Than A Mirror: Horses, Humans and Therapeutic Practices, focuses specifically on the role of the horse and the role(s) of the Horse Professional in EAP/EAL practices.

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