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Schelli Whitehouse presents
The Soul of Your Brand:
Experience Your Unique Essence and Connect Your
Equine Assisted Practice to the Heart of Your Ideal Clients

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An eye-opening, inspiring, and highly useful examination of the HOW's of branding your business so that you can boost your natural confidence and attract more of your ideal clients! Listen in to experience:

~ The four power questions you can ask yourself to begin identifying the Soul of your brand!

~ Why knowing your own Unique Essence is pivotal to establishing a successful equine practice

~ A powerful guided exercise that will help you begin identifying your Unique Essence

~ How to translate your Essence into your own Brand to more easily and effortlessly attract new clients

~ How to play with your Essence in the presence of horses so they can guide you in applying this energy to your business & life. Plus the 6 guiding questions to help you make the most of this activity!

~ The one question you can begin asking right now to super-charge your practice

brian reidSchelli Whitehouse is a practitioner of Evolutionary Development Coaching.

It’s her own philosophy based on the belief that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. And that our experience is integral to the greater whole. She believes that the positive growth of our personal life is a direct contribution to our community, and our collective consciousness. The more we (and our businesses) are in alignment with our own truth, the healthier and more dynamic all areas of our lives will be. Schelli is an advocate for the conscious experience of evolution, the ability to witness the development of The Next Highest Version of You!

One of the critical aspects of living a fully realized life is to understand and express our own unique essence. Schelli’s expertise is in guiding you to align with your own personal ‘brand’ of self expression.

Her background as a professional actor of 15 years and as an equine assisted coach and marketing consultant for the past 4 years, has given her a fluid connection to our human emotions and how powerfully influential they are to our personal and professional well-being. Schelli says that, “Tapping into your own emotional guidance system (EGS) gives us information and ‘tools’ for helping us to align with our greatest strengths and talents.” She combines this skill with evolutionary development coaching and consulting in a way that puts you in perfect alignment with what wants to happen next for you in your life and business.

A unique aspect of Schelli’s practice (for in-person clients) is the engagement of horses for ‘on the ground only’ experiential reflection.

The horses are incorporated into lessons that demonstrate and reflect the client’s hidden emotions, body awareness, communication strengths and weaknesses and a host of other unconscious habits that prevent the client or team from relating to their work or life in an authentic way.
As a professional Equine Assisted Coach and facilitator, Schelli incorporates the wisdom of the horse as an experiential learning component during private individual sessions, group live retreats and via phone or Skype (without the horse of course!)

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