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Paul Smith, Ph.D. presents
Meaningful Metaphors
The Art of Constructing Powerful & Positive Equine Experiences

1 hr

Available until 11:59pm Mountain, Tues April 30


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Learn from the Director of Prescott College's Equine program as he shares important insights into how we structure our equine activities. Tune in to experience:

~ That effectiveness is not about the activity, it's how you use the activity that determines the potential for change

~ How to structure your activities to invite your clients to live into new positive possibilities

~ How to avoid common pitfalls that limit the amount of change that is possible for your clients

~ The #1 question you can ask to design the most transformative activity possible for your client

~ A lovely guided experience for yourself and your clients to open your heart and offer yourself support, while acknowledging your vulnerability

~ How to take any activity, and frame & front load it for maximum impact and change potential!

~ How and when to use mounted activities to invite even more change to take place

~ Three coaching questions that create powerful openings for awareness

brian reidPaul Smith, PhD, serves on both undergraduate and graduate faculty for Prescott College and as the Executive Director of the college’s equine program, Centaur Leadership Services. Having worked for over thirty years in the field of experiential education with a variety of populations, Paul actively seeks out opportunities to explore, support and facilitate the development of positive human potential. As a leader in the academic training for Equine-Assisted Learning and Equine-Assisted Mental Health, Paul has effectively partnered with other leaders in the field to support what several colleagues appreciatively refer to as a “non-denominational approach” to EAL and EAMH. In addition to his work in Arizona, Paul facilitates education and leadership trainings around the country; working with business and corporate executives, social workers, educators, people living with cancer, and student in the fields of Experiential Education, Leadership, and Equine-Assisted learning.

Prescott College's 10th Gathering on Equine-Assisted Learning and Mental Health Best Practices is May 13-16, 2013. Check out the schedule here.


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