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Nedda Wittels, MS, MA presents
Equines, Unicorns, and Pegasi:  The Healing Connections

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Open to all of the equine energies that surround us! A fascinating and inspiring session that will expand your awareness about partnering with Unicorns and Pegasus for healing and transformation! Listen in to experience:

~ Real life stories of healing with the unicorn and pegasus energies

~ How earthly horses may carry the Pegasus or Unicorn energy

~ Direct messages from the Unicorn and Pegasus Beings

~ How the Pegasi (plural of Pegasus) work together in teams to use vibrations to heal horses and people

~ How you can partner with the Pegasi or Unicorns to heal

~ A special and powerful guided meditation where you'll open your high heart Charka so you can connect with your own Pegasus or Unicorn guide to receive messages and healings!

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Tips for Working with Unicorns and Pegasi Teachers

brian reidNedda Wittels, MS., M.A., was born an emotional empath who could tell what animals and humans are feeling. As a small child, she intuitively knew what the family pets wanted.  Despite the pressures of parents, teachers, and society to ignore or give up these insights and understandings, Nedda retained her abilities throughout her life, pretending to herself that she was playfully imagining them.

In the early 1990’s Nedda read Animal Talk, by Penelope Smith.  This book showed Nedda that her equine companion, an Arabian mare named Belfast Echo, had been subtly teaching her since the 1970s.  From then on Echo trained Nedda more openly.  Echo was also instrumental in Nedda discovering her ability to facilitate healing.

Nedda lives and works in alignment with her Soul purpose, having integrated her personal divinity, the I Am Presence.  Echo remains her teacher and friend, albeit from the higher realms.  Nedda currently offers compassionate, supportive solutions through Animal Communication, Multidimensional Healings, and Spiritual Empowerment Coaching.  She also mentors Animal Communicator Professionals and others who include animal communication in their services.

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To start expanding your healing connection with the Spirit Horses, grab this tip-sheet too!: Tips for Working with Unicorns and Pegasi Teachers


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