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Margrit Coates presents
Horse as Healer: What Horses Want You to Know about
Partnering with them for Healing & Change

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Join with one of the world's leading animal healers and communicators as she shares with us what the horses want us to know about partnering with them for EAL/P! Tune into this enlightening session to hear from the horses themselves on such topics as:

~ How horses helped to create the paradigm shift that has increased awareness of horse consciousness all over the world!

~ How we know horses actually want to help humans heal!

~ The three areas we need to check on BEFORE we ask any horse to help heal others

~ The #1 most important way we can approach any horse to begin accessing their healing wisdom

~ The three questions we should ask of any horse that we wish to partner with for healing others

~ The importance of knowing if emotion is coming primarily from your client, the horse, or both of them!

~ How horses actually help clients shift stuck energy and why they are motivated to assist in the first place

~ Plus, you'll get to hear from the Healing Herd live from the Happily Ever After Ranch as they talk about how they interact with clients to offer transformation!

~ The most important feeling-place of all that the horses invite clients to experience for deep, lasting change


brian reidMargrit Coates is the world’s leading animal healer and communicator, and an internationally acclaimed author. Books include Healing for Horses, Horses Talking, Connecting with Horses, Hands-on Healing for Pets, Angel Pets and Communicating with Animals. Margrit’s trailblazing books about horses have been credited with enlightening human understanding about horses as soul beings. Margrit has been a columnist for Your Horse magazine and her work has been featured in the world’s international horse publications.

For seven years Margrit lectured in the topic of animal healing to post graduate students of Animal Behaviour Counselling at Southampton University, UK. She is also a faculty teacher at the Open Center, New York.

Margrit is a highly sought after teacher and gives courses, workshops, clinics and private consultations around the world.

Please visit her online at: www.thehorsehealer.com


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