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Lynn Clifford, MA presents
Self Care & Soulful Service:
Solutions for Burn Out in Human & Horse Helpers

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In this session designed to help fill you up as a helper, you'll discover ways to fuel yourself so you can stay the best possible facilitator! Listen in to experience:

~ How the motives behind your desire to enter a helping profession may actually set you up for burnout!

~ How ignoring your horse in-stincts can lead to compassion fatigue

~ The signs of burn out in human and horse helpers

~ The Awareness, Acceptance, & Action Equation for learning to take care of yourself first

~ How we can invite our horses to release stress so they stay cooperative helpers

~ A powerful exercise you can use to fill yourself up any time you have a few moments to spare!

~ How to assess and release other people's energies which may weigh you down!

Lynn Clifford will be facilitating at the
**Healing with Horse Festival & Symposium**
our in-person event, June 2013 in Denver! Come learn from her and
join the Human Herd to empower your practice to the next level!!!

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brian reidLynn Clifford is the founder of The Ride of Your Life: Horses and Living from the Inside, where as a Life Coach, Clinician and Consultant, she integrates being a 3rd generation professional equestrian with her passion for personal growth, particularly how our relationships with ourselves and others - both human and animal - can effect positive change in our immediate herd, our communities and in the world.

Please visit her at: lynnclifford.com


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