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Liz Mitten Ryan presents
Equinisity and One Consciousness in All Life

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Discover the horses gift as energy healers in this eye-opening and heartful exploration of how horses help humans shift energy so that they can be in touch with the Truth of All That Is. Listen in to experience:

- A novel way that horses are helping humans shift- using Table Sessions!

- How being in the energy fields of horses helps people heal & remember who they really are

- How to court your horse to create a new relationship with your horse based on friendship, using Liberty exercises

- A guided meditation with Liz's Herd to enter into your Heart Self so you can see the world through your Heart's and the Horses's Eyes!

Asia VoightLiz Mitten Ryan is an artist, author, animal communicator, and facilitator of  Equinisity Retreats.

At Gateway 2 Ranch in B.C. Canada, the animals run as a wild herd on 320 acres of grassland yet return each morning to teach and heal. The horses message is changing lives. In three years they have co-authored four books with Liz and won nine book awards including the coveted Nautilus Award in company with Deepak Chopra, Ekhardt Tolle and the Dali Llama.
The books and subsequent ‘Equinisity Retreats,’ which are attended by people from all over the world, are healing minds and bodies with a new understanding of connection and oneness. Liz and the Herd of horses, steer, llamas, dogs and cats, and the powerful land itself  share their important message for the world:

There is only one consciousness, one force of love that connects us all.
When we experience that we are instantly and forever changed….

To view videos and listen to radio and TV interviews please visit: http://www.lizmittenryan.com/pictures.html
To read sections of the books: http://www.lizmittenryan.com/bookstore.html
To learn more about the retreats please visit http://www.equinisity.com

Or watch this moving video of Liz's herd healing humans!
Video Link: Horses Healing


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