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Kerry Borcherding, MA, LPC presents
Mounted Magic:
Incorporating Yoga Movement on Horseback
A Somatic Facilitation Skill for All Practitioners

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Would you love to add a powerful set of facilitation skills to your practice that could help your clients access profound change? Then consider adding some yoga movement exercises on the back of a horse! In this highly useful & inspiring session, Kerry shares with us how most facilitators can add this somatic set of skills to their practice now. Tune in to experience:

~ How the definition of Yoga, which means Union gives a big clue to why it's such a powerful change agent for clients!

~ Why being on the back of a horse is such a naturally powerful experience that can promote profound and lasting change

~ How relating to the horse from on top creates powerful somatic moments which can create breakthroughs for clients

~ When to consider adding movement on horseback to a session and when it's contraindicated

~ A powerful guided experience that connects you to your personal power that takes you through a series of poses you can use with your clients to promote heightened transformation quickly

~ How yoga with horses may also be healing for the horse!

~ How you can adapt movement on horseback to create effective change for almost any underlying issue you chose to work with

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Healing with Horse TeleSummitKerry Borcherding, MA, LPC has spent her life in the company of horses and has personally experienced the healing power inherent in them. Because of this, Kerry is passionate and committed to bringing horses and humans into relationship, whether through Equine Assisted Psychotherapy or Yoga with Horses. It is her belief that building a relationship with a horse will deepen your relationship with your Self, others, and nature. Horses are sensitive, intuitive, social beings, who help to illuminate our patterns of relationship and behaviors by giving us immediate feedback. Through relationship, they offer the opportunity to learn, grow, and heal.

Kerry is in private practice in and around Boulder, Colorado. She supports individuals of all ages, couples, and families. In addition, she facilitates Yoga with Horses workshops and therapeutic workshops in Colorado and Idaho. Kerry holds a Masters in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology and is a certified Gestalt Equine Psychotherapist.

Grab Kerry's handy handout- Plug Yourself Into Power- with details & helpful pictures for using the postures in a healing session HERE!

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