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Kathleen Barry Ingram, M.A. presents
Limbic Lessons: Translating the Client's Felt-Experience with the Horse
to Create Lasting Change Outside the Session

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In this interesting and tip-filled dialogue with one of our field's founding influences, you'll discover the limbic system's important role in paving the way for the real, lasting change that becomes possible when relating with a horse.

Listen in to:

~ Explore important ways that you can set the space for change to occur when your client interacts with a horse, otherwise known as creating the Sacred Space of Possibility

~ Gain a deeper appreciation for how the relationship with a horse can heal!

~ Discover the three ways you can utilize the limbic system's natural functioning to create change for your clients while in relationship with a horse, including Limbic Resonance, Regulation and Revision.

~ Gain an understanding of how to combine the implicit feeling created in a session with an explicit knowing to invite the client to bring this new felt-experience back into their real world environment where change can be cemented into new possibilities.

~ Never again miss the most important opportunity you have as a facilitator to help the client translate what they experienced in their session into real, lasting change in their life outside the session.

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brian reidKathleen Barry Ingram, M.A. is a Tucson-based consultant, certified coach, lecturer and educator specializing in assisting individuals in personal/professional growth and Equine-Facilitated Experiential Learning. Kathleen is dedicated to helping individuals and groups move beyond limiting patterns of thought and behavior, assisting in them in the discovery of possibilities to resolve conflict, develop competency and find peace.

Kathleen brings over 30 years of experience in the counseling field, non-profit services, and marketing and communications in the health care industry to her work as a coach and consultant to individuals, families and businesses. She is past executive director of San Juan United Way, corporate director of marketing and intake at Sierra Tucson Treatment Center and has been a board member of several non-profit health care agencies. She did her internship for graduate school with Four Corners Mental Health in New Mexico where she worked with a wide range of cultures and specialized in nonverbal communication with the Native population. The diversity and variety of populations Kathleen has mentored and facilitated gives her the experience and knowledge to work with people and groups both personally and professionally. 

She had a private practice in Albuquerque in the early 80’s before moving to Tucson to work at Sierra Tucson, a leader in addiction treatment and also the first center to include horses as a part of the healing modality. She began her private counseling practice in 1992 in Tucson where she specialized in addiction counseling with an emphasis on eating disorders; grief and loss recovery; conflict resolution; and family interventions for addictive behaviors. She also completed 50 hours of post-graduate study in 1995 with the Pathfinder Foundation and Paul Rosenberg, MD and is certified in the psychodynamic fundamentals of effective short term psychotherapy.

Kathleen and Linda Kohanov began working together and creating workshops and individual intensives in 1998 and incorporating their talents and expertise to develop an innovative and creative healing modality employing the horses as equal partners. In 2003 the first Epona Equestrian Services apprenticeship class graduated.  Kathleen and Linda co-created, developed and taught the apprenticeship program together until 2007 when the ninth class graduated and another group of talented and experienced individuals began their own equine facilitated learning practices. 

Kathleen continues to teach and train others in this exciting healing modality.  She is a consultant and teacher and works in EFL training programs in New Mexico and New York with Equine Alchemy; Canada with Horse Spirit Connections; and the UK with IFEAL International.

In 2010 Kathleen developed an individualized mentorship training program in EFL.  This 6 month program is an intensive training and coaching program; each student receives individualized mentorship and guidance during the 6 months and beyond.  As in all of Kathleen’s programs, relationship with self, horses and others is a pivotal aspect and is incorporated in all of her training.  Individuals from the US, UK, Germany, Canada and New Zealand have graduated from the program or are currently enrolled as students.  These individuals already have horse experience and are interested in integrating EFL into their current practices in counseling, psychotherapy, coaching and leadership.  You can find out more about this exciting opportunity on Kathleen’s website. 

The horses, as equal partners, assist the facilitator by modeling congruent messages and behavior, co-creative and consensual leadership, appropriate boundaries, experiencing emotional messages as information, and teaching and educating their human students to live consciously in the present moment.

Kathleen says: “The horses have been among my greatest teachers and whether I work directly with the horses or have them in my heart, I know I am guided and blessed to count them as my friends and companions.”

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