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2013 Healing with Horses



Juli Anne Lynch, Ph.D. presents
The Personality Archetypes of Horsemanship:
How the Archetype of Personality Impacts & Influences
the Equine Facilitated Healer & Teacher

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I guarantee you'll enjoy this totally fresh, unique perspective that you can apply to your healing work with horses! Tune in to experience:

~ The 5 personality archetypes that humans enact with horses that directly impact your relationship with yourself, others, and your clients

~ How identifying your own primary archetype can help you grow your business, facilitate powerful sessions, and create success in all the relationships in your life!

~ How helping clients to work with their archetypes can create change in all arenas of their lives

~ How working with the Shadow side of the archetypes can create deep, personal transformation

~ How learning to balance all of the different archetypal energies can open powerful opportunities for transformation

~ How horse's own archetypes interact with our own and our client's to create potent opportunity for growth

~ A powerful guided experience to personally access the energies of all of the archetypes to help move you & your clients forward with new wisdom

Juli Lynch will be facilitating at the
**Healing with Horse Festival & Symposium**
our in-person event, June 2013 in Denver! Come learn from her and
join the Human Herd to empower your practice to the next level!!!

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brian reidJuli Lynch, Ph.D is an accomplished equestrian, riding instructor, author, public speaker, psychologist and former professional athlete. Juli is founder of Epala, an equine facilitated personal and professional development organization.

She is an Advanced approved Epona Instructor and conducts “Personality of Horsemanship” workshops at her farm in Northern Wisconsin.

Her book, Personality Archetypes of Horsemanship is available on her website: www.epala.org. Please visit to order your copy or download the archetype assessment.

BONUS OFFER: If you scan and email your assessment, I will offer a 30 min. consultation to the first 10 people who contact me at julilynch@gmail.com

To learn more, visit Epala’s website at www.epala.org


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