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2013 Healing with Horses



Jennifer Oikle, Ph.D. presents
The Equine Inspired Inner Inquiry Process:
Combining Intuition, Energy, Creative Expression & Movement
with Horses for Healing

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More Info on Session 5: Jennifer Oikle, Ph.D.

A special 2-hour teaching session!
It is split into three sections for easy listening.

Part I: The 4 steps of the Equine Inspired Inner Inquiry Process, 45 min

Part II: Applying the 4 steps with a Creative, Expressive Activity
, 52 min

Part III: A Guided Experience of the Process- Connecting Your Power,
Heart, and Voice to Express Your Truth in the World
, 35 min

Ever wonder what horses are doing that actually help us to heal? Join in this enlightening and highly applicable session as Dr. Jenn shares her own journey of discovering the 4 part process by which horses are inviting us into inner transformation. Stay tuned as Dr. Jenn shares a fun, yet powerful activity you can use for yourself or with your clients to apply these 4 healing steps with the horses. Plus, you'll get to experience that highly transformative process for yourself during a powerful guided interactive exercise!

Listen in to experience:

~ The four steps that underlie the real change process horses create for humans

~ How you can use these four parts to design powerfully transformative activities with the horses

~ How to begin incorporating a potent mix of intuition, energy healing, creativity and movement in your sessions to invite profound change for your clients

~ How to guide your clients inward to access their own Inner Genius, that space where they already know the answers and solutions for everything

~ Why adding movement and mounted work with the horses helps your clients to anchor change and integrate transformation into their daily lives

~ A powerful way to add fun, creativity, and artistic expression to your sessions

~ A highly transformative exercise to tune into the next grandest vision for yourself or your clients so that you both can connect your power, heart, and voice to move toward your desires with passion, purpose, and playfulness!


Dr. Jenn will be hosting the
**Healing with Horse Festival & Symposium**
our in-person event, June 2013 in Denver! Come learn from her and
join the Human Herd to empower your practice to the next level!!!

More info on the Symposium here.

brian reidDr. Jenn., is the founder of the Healing with Horse Collective. She is a relationship psychologist, Reiki Master, and founder of the Happily Ever After Holistic Healing Horse Ranch, in Parker, CO. Her passion is facilitating a unique form of Heart-Based, Soul-Centered, Equine-Assisted Coaching, called the Equine Inspired Inner Inquiry Process, which partners with horses to help people access and heal their deepest Core Wounds so they can dissolve their blocks to success and reclaim their Magnificence, in all areas of their lives! She offers individual sessions, group playshops, intensive personal healing retreats, and phone sessions.

She’s also the founder of the Equestrian Enlightenment Alliance and the creator of two special e-books:

Awakening Unity with Horse: Revealing the True Spiritual Purpose of the Horse-Human Bond

Spiritual Adventures with Horse: True Tales & Tools to Uplift Your Journey with Horse, a powerful compilation of 17 contributing authors who share their own horse-inspired wisdom!

Please visit UnityWithHorse.com to download a free excerpt from either book!

Two of her favorite projects include special video blogs:

The Equi-Heart Pledge: How would your life change if you tuned into the wisdom of horse once a day for 30 days? Find out with more than 30 videos sharing the wisdom of horse straight from the herd!

The 2013 Hidden Healer: There are horses as healers hidden all over the world! Join with 5 yo TB gelding Galaxy as we share his year-long transformation from race horse to healing horse!

Dr. Jenn has been a featured expert on HorseTipDaily.com and HorsesintheMorning.com and her work as a Dating coach has been featured many times on local TV and in national magazines such as Cosmopolitan and Redbook.

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Contact: Jennifer Oikle, Ph.D., 720-284-8502, drjenn@healingwithhorse.com