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Jackie Stevenson, presents
May the Horse Be With You: Entering the Culture of Horse & Herd
Using the 4 Stages of the Appreciative Inquiry Model

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In this interesting and imminently applicable session, you'll gain many useable tools to design and make the most of your sessions with clients by helping them enter the culture of horses! Listen in to experience:

~ The power inherent in preparing the horses to be helpers by giving them a natural environment with plenty of choice

~ How to prepare clients to enter a new culture, the culture of horse

~ How horses are masters at teaching the components of Emotional IQ

~ How using the lens of Positive Psychology during sessions can help clients make new, highly healing meanings out of their experience with the horses

~ A detailed discussion of how you can use the 4 stages of the Appreciative Inquiry model to design powerful, transformative activities for your clients and groups

~ How using story telling in your sessions can help people identify and own their competencies so they can expand them

Many coaching questions you can use to deepen the learning and transformation available in every experience with horse!

brian reidJackie Stevenson is the founder and CEO of Spirit of Leadership, LLC providing coaching, leadership and team building training and seminars for corporations and not- for-profit organizations through experiential learning with horses and nature.

She works as a consultant, coach, therapist and educator at the Case Western Reserve University Weatherhead School of Management Executive Development Program, the School of Applied Social Sciences and the Gestalt Institute. She is on the Weatherhead School of Management coaching staff and is a Board Certified Coach (BCC).

Jackie’s professional practice includes Equine Guided Coaching and Experiential Learning and natural horsemanship methods. She is a pioneer in this work and has trained and collaborated in developing this cutting edge organizational development modality throughout the United States, Israel and in Europe   She works with individuals, groups and organizations.  

Jackie is also the founder and director of the Lake Erie College ”Experiential Learning with Horses": Developing Human Potential for Positive Change professional development certificate program.

Her clients include a diverse population drawn from individuals, families, groups, organizations and communities. Clients have included: Lubrizol Corporation, AksoNobel Corporation, University Hospital Medical Center, Ohio Mutual Insurance, Weatherhead School of Management CWRU, The American Heart Association,  and ArcelorMittal Steel.

The work is unique to each client and innovative in approach, grounded in well accepted practices and based on a strength based “what’s working” and “what needs to change” perspective. Her horse partners include six gentle and big hearted draft horses and one courageous zebra.

In 2013, Jackie is hosting the International European Association of Horse Assisted Education conference at her ranch in Cleveland, Ohio, Sept 26-29th, 2013. For conference info visit: IEHAE

To connect with Jackie and learn more, visit: http://www.spirit-of-leadership.com

Or check out this YouTube video of her TedxAkron Talk:
Live Like A Horse: Biomimicry in Action


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