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Drea Bergquist-Bowen, BCC, HEAL presents
The Missing Link: Empowering Your Facilitation Skills by
Prioritizing the Horse-Facilitator Relationship

Ways to Co-Create a Win-Win-Win Interaction for the
Horse, Client, and Facilitator During EFPL Sessions

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Discover a fresh and fascinating perspective on how to deepen the power of your facilitation skills by prioritizing your commitment to the horse-facilitator relationship! Tune in to experience:

~ The impact the 2012 Sentience Declaration, and it's scientific validation of animal consciousness, has for the healing work we offer with our horses

~ How asking the #1 most important facilitator question, "Am I creating mutually beneficial experiences for my horses during our healing work?," can totally transform your practice, taking it to a new and deeper level

~ An invitation to make a new commitment to the horses you partner with which can increase your partnership, and the positive effect of your facilitation, immediately!

~ How learning to be fully present to yourself in the moment and being able to use your body as a sensing device is the most critical skill a facilitator can embody to create powerful partnership and effect lasting change

~An extremely effective and inspiring guided exercise you can use for yourself and your clients to help you drop into your own body awareness where you can partner with the horses most successfully

~ Ways to co-create a mutually agreed upon healing relationship when you are working with new horses or horses that are not your own

~ A paradigm shift which can help you construct win-win-win type interactions so that you, your horse(s) and the clients all benefit from sessions


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brian reidDrea Bowen is a board certified life coach, certified HEAL (Human Equine Alliance for Learning) practitioner  and life long student of nature, most passionately, the horse.

When she is not traveling to speak or teach, home base is Washington state where she operates her busy coaching, equine experiential learning, and Relationship First horsemanship consulting practices. She lives with her husband, 9 horses and a variety of other 4 leggeds.   

Please connect with her at:



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