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David Harris presents
Heartfelt Mindfulness in Leadership:
Being Human at Work

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Join with a wonderful UK facilitator to take a closer look at corporate and leadership coaching with horses! Listen in to experience:

~ The power of using Barbara Rector's Safety Agreement to help participants begin the inward journey of taking responsibility for Self

~ How working with horses can help you and your clients make the shift from blame to accountability, where you reclaim your power to change the outcome

~ How increasing mindfulness trains the brain for change to occur on a more meaningful level

~ A powerful coaching question which will open the door to mindful awareness

~ A unique and profound exercise for you and your clients to tune into the varying messages of your head, heart, and power so you can create alignment and congruence, the precursor for real success!

~ An effective activity you can use with the horses to help clients understand the feeling place of a balance of respect and trust, of owning the boundary place of both yes & no


brian reidDavid Harris is an internationally acclaimed speaker, trainer, facilitator and coach. David is also a life learner in natural horsemanship. He lives in Windsor, England, with his wife, two children and three horses. He is passionate about people and their amazing potential.

David says  “We are all stars, sometimes we need to learn to shine”. He is the founder of Acorns2Oaks (A2O) together with his wife Sharon. The vision of A2O is for its clients to experience “Success on Your Terms,” what ever success is.

Visit with him at: http://www.egld.eu/

In 2013, David is part of the host team for the International European Association of Horse Assisted Education conference in Cleveland, Ohio, Sept 26-29th, 2013. For conference info visit: IEHAE


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