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Beverley Kane, MD, presents
Somatic Horsemanship for EAL/P Practitioners:
Fitness, Stress Reduction, and Healthy Aging
Through a Physical Relationship With Horses

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The popular Program Director for Medicine and Horsemanship at Stanford School of Medicine joins us to share insights into her latest innovation: Somatic Horsemanship. Tune in to experience:

~ The healing usefulness of focusing on the physical aspects of our relationship with horse

~ How to use the four levels of grooming to create a transformative experience for your clients

~ How to interact with the horse as a Somarchetype to increase empathy and connection in relationship with self and other

~ A guided experience you can faciliate with horses to improve well-being by dropping into body awareness, grounding, and finding your healthy, happy place!


brian reidBeverley Kane, MD, is Program Director for Medicine and Horsemanship, a course that teaches interpersonal skills to healthcare professionals, at Stanford School of Medicine in Palo Alto, CA. In 2003, she founded Horsensei Equine-Assisted Learning & THerapy (HEALTH). Her personal somatic practice includes Centered Riding™, Somatic Bareback Riding™, tai chi, kung fu, and baduanjin qigong. Somatic horsemanship will be taught through the Stanford Health Improvement Program for the first time in Spring Quarter 2013. Dr. Kane is the author of The Manual of Medicine and Horsemanship—Transforming the Doctor-Patient Relationship with Equine-Assisted Learning. Her upcoming book, Somatic Horsemanship, is due for completion in 2014, the Year of the Horse.

Beverley will be presenting at Prescott College's 10th Gathering on Equine-Assisted Learning and Mental Health Best Practices, May 13-16, 2013. Check out the schedule here.

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