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Ariana Strozzi presents
Embodying the Authentic Self with Somatics:
Working with the Mind, Body & Spirit in Equine Guided Education

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Join the founder of Equine Guided Education to explore the somatic world of healing with horses. Tune in to experience:

~ Why it's not enough to change our mind to change our behavior!

~ How to work with the three levels of mind, body, and spirit for true transformation with horses

~ How tuning into the Body Armoring can be the doorway to the Story that is keeping us and our clients stuck in a painful pattern

~ How reconnecting to the Spirit, the Authentic Self who is always connected to the Whole, can lead us back to wellness and purpose

~ A powerful guided exercise to use your body as a sensate being to increase awareness of Self, Other, and World as a stepping stone for transformation on all levels

~ How accurately accessing your deeper awareness creates Choice Points for change

~ A deeper understanding of the Call of Horse!


brian reidAriana Strozzi is an internationally respected pioneer in the field of Equine Guided Education (coining the term in 1999), and has been incorporating horses into human development programs since 1989 and has worked with over 5000 individuals to date.

She has been training horses for over 40 years and has a diverse background in dressage, eventing, jumping, reining, working cowhorse, pleasure, and trail. She is a graduate of UC Davis in Zoology, is a certified Master Somatic Coach having trained hundreds of coaches to date as the founder of SkyHorse EGE and co-founder of the Strozzi Institute.

She is the author of the book, “Horse Sense for the Leader Within,” “Planning Your Business in the Horse as Healer/Teacher Professions” and the DVD, “Intuitive Horsemanship”, as well as author of numerous articles on the transformation of the modern horse.

She currently trains professionals how to incorporate horses into their professional offers and how you can transform the role of the horse from a tool of recreation and transport to a healer/teacher.

She can be reached at 707-876-1908

Visit her website at www.SkyHorseRanch.com  


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