Expanding the Healing Power of the Horse * Human Heart Connection!

2013 Summit Set Details
Volume TWO



With this Summit Set: Volume TWO, you'll join with 10 of the Leaders in the EAL/P field to empower & expand your business this year!

There are 10 separate sessions in Volume TWO, including:

Shannon Knapp, Asia Voight, Brian Reid, Juli Lynch, Ph.D, Drea Bergquist-Bowen, Kathleen Barry Ingram, M.A., Jackie Stevenson, Lucinda Newman, Duey Freeman, MA & Joan Rieger, MA, Lynn Clifford, MA

Plus Dr. Jenn's 2-hr BONUS session.

Here's the information & inspiration you get with this Set.

Shannon Knapp presents
Incorporating Parelli Practices into EAP/EAL Sessions 

Shannon has been helping facilitators build their business for years and she's always incorporated Parelli principles into her work. Discover how similar the underlying principles of EAP & Parelli are! Tune in to experience:

~ How the 3 Parelli Promises mirror the underlying principles of EAL/P

~ How Parelli practices can be used to keep your horses fresh for healing sessions

~ How using the Parelli Games can be a fantastic way to assess your horses for suitability and understand how to partner with them more effectively in sessions

~ How Parell's concept of "Horsenality" can help you gauge best-fit for clients and horses

~ How applying "Horsenality" with clients can be a useful therapeutic exploration

~ How to use the 7 Parelli Games differently during the three phases of therapy/change for maximum impact

~ Tips for using the Parelli concept of pressure levels in working effectively with boundaries and power themes during sessions

~ An effective activity you can use with clients and horses to practice what it is like to lead, follow, share, and change positions of leadership

~ A special exercise with horses to help foster empathy and the ability to see from alternative perspectives

~ 5 questions to ask of every activity you facilitate to ensure it's a win-win for the client as well as the horse!

Asia Voight presents
Discovering Your Soul Contracts with Horse
How Horses Really Help Us Heal

A thoroughly delightful and awe-inspiring romp through the soul nature of how horses really help us heal! I guarantee you won't look at horses the same way ever again after tuning in. Listen in to experience:

~ What kinds of Soul Contracts you might have with your own horse(s) and how they help you heal

~ How a horse's Soul Contract with humanity determines what kind of healing s/he'd like to do with people

~ A channeled message from the Spirit of Horse to all facilitators of equine work!

~ A guided meditation to discover your own Soul Contract with the Collective Horse Consciousness

~ The power of past lives to effect healing with horses in our lives now!

~ Also hear directly from the Healing Horse Herd at the Happily Ever After Ranch as live examples of how soul contracts effect the healing of specific horses & humans!

Brian Reid, presents
Horses Know the Way Home:
Releasing toward your Desires using your own Personal Horse Power Within

Discover how Brian and his 1800 pound Shire mare, Brenda Lee, have been supporting clients in accessing their own power to make their dreams a reality. Tune in to experience:

~ How horses create an empowering environment by the very fact that they inherently embody Natural Laws

~ How change is really about the Beautiful Becoming and how horses help us catch up with who we really want to be!

~ How horses help us focus on moving forward by aiding us in learning to focus our energetic intent

~ How horses help us see if our choices are aligned with our heart's desires or are repeating old, worn-out patterns

~ How holding back our fears also restricts our desires and keeps us form moving powerfully ahead!

~ How the power of focus can help our clients move from restriction to expansion toward their desires

~ How telling the TRUTH and using the energy of WANTING can transform our clients

Juli Anne Lynch, Ph.D. presents
The Personality Archetypes of Horsemanship:
How the Archetype of Personality Impacts & Influences
the Equine Facilitated Healer & Teacher

I guarantee you'll enjoy this totally fresh, unique perspective that you can apply to your healing work with horses! Tune in to experience:

~ The 5 personality archetypes that humans enact with horses that directly impact your relationship with yourself, others, and your clients

~ How identifying your own primary archetype can help you grow your business, facilitate powerful sessions, and create success in all the relationships in your life!

~ How helping clients to work with their archetypes can create change in all arenas of their lives

~ How working with the Shadow side of the archetypes can create deep, personal transformation

~ How learning to balance all of the different archetypal energies can open powerful opportunities for transformation

~ How horse's own archetypes interact with our own and our client's to create potent opportunity for growth

~ A powerful guided experience to personally access the energies of all of the archetypes to help move you & your clients forward with new wisdom

Drea Bergquist-Bowen, BCC, HEAL presents
The Missing Link: Empowering Your Facilitation Skills by
Prioritizing the Horse-Facilitator Relationship

Ways to Co-Create a Win-Win-Win Interaction for the
Horse, Client, and Facilitator During EFPL Sessions

Discover a fresh and fascinating perspective on how to deepen the power of your facilitation skills by prioritizing your commitment to the horse-facilitator relationship! Tune in to experience:

~ The impact the 2012 Sentience Declaration, and it's scientific validation of animal consciousness, has for the healing work we offer with our horses

~ How asking the #1 most important facilitator question, "Am I creating mutually beneficial experiences for my horses during our healing work?," can totally transform your practice, taking it to a new and deeper level

~ An invitation to make a new commitment to the horses you partner with which can increase your partnership, and the positive effect of your facilitation, immediately!

~ How learning to be fully present to yourself in the moment and being able to use your body as a sensing device is the most critical skill a facilitator can embody to create powerful partnership and effect lasting change

~An extremely effective and inspiring guided exercise you can use for yourself and your clients to help you drop into your own body awareness where you can partner with the horses most successfully

~ Ways to co-create a mutually agreed upon healing relationship when you are working with new horses or horses that are not your own

~ A paradigm shift which can help you construct win-win-win type interactions so that you, your horse(s) and the clients all benefit from sessions

Kathleen Barry Ingram, M.A. presents
Limbic Lessons: Translating the Client's Felt-Experience with the Horse
to Create Lasting Change Outside the Session

In this interesting and tip-filled dialogue with one of our field's founding influences, you'll discover the limbic system's important role in paving the way for the real, lasting change that becomes possible when relating with a horse.

Listen in to:

~ Explore important ways that you can set the space for change to occur when your client interacts with a horse, otherwise known as creating the Sacred Space of Possibility

~ Gain a deeper appreciation for how the relationship with a horse can heal!

~ Discover the three ways you can utilize the limbic system's natural functioning to create change for your clients while in relationship with a horse, including Limbic Resonance, Regulation and Revision.

~ Gain an understanding of how to combine the implicit feeling created in a session with an explicit knowing to invite the client to bring this new felt-experience back into their real world environment where change can be cemented into new possibilities.

~ Never again miss the most important opportunity you have as a facilitator to help the client translate what they experienced in their session into real, lasting change in their life outside the session.

Jackie Stevenson, presents
May the Horse Be With You:
Entering the Culture of Horse & Herd Using the 4 Stages of the Appreciative Inquiry Model

In this interesting and imminently applicable session, you'll gain many useable tools to design and make the most of your sessions with clients by helping them enter the culture of horses! Listen in to experience:

~ The power inherent in preparing the horses to be helpers by giving them a natural environment with plenty of choice

~ How to prepare clients to enter a new culture, the culture of horse

~ How horses are masters at teaching the components of Emotional IQ

~ How using the lens of Positive Psychology during sessions can help clients make new, highly healing meanings out of their experience with the horses

~ A detailed discussion of how you can use the 4 stages of the Appreciative Inquiry model to design powerful, transformative activities for your clients and groups

~ How using story telling in your sessions can help people identify and own their competencies so they can expand them

Many coaching questions you can use to deepen the learning and transformation available in every experience with horse!

Lucinda Newman presents
Getting Your Good Work Out There:  
A Plan to Take Your Equine Practice or Business to the Next Level

Join us for this powerful session with practical tools for you to align your internal attitudes with your external actions to create a breakthrough for your business this year! Tune in to experience:

~ The #1 belief you have to embody to create business success, no matter what anyone else says!

~ How to use the tool of Insane Focus to powerfully propel your business forward this year

~ An effective daily exercise you can employ to dissolve blocks while turning your business visions into reality

~ A powerful activity you can do with your horses that will help you embody your vision in such a way as to attract powerful synchronicity and opportunities into your life, starting now!

~ The one statistic you can use to immediately prioritize your business activity to be more effective and make more money

~ 5 ways to effectively work with advocates to make more money while working less!

~ 3 methods to get more great referrals

Duey Freeman, MA & Joan Rieger, MA of the
Gestalt Equine Institute of the Rockies
Gestalt Equine Therapy:
The Relational Art of Making Healing Contact with Self, Horse & Other

Tune into this wonderful introduction to the Gestalt perspective of partnering with horses to experience:

~ The fundamental importance of the concept of Contact to our healing work with horses and how you can use it to increase client's self-awareness and healing ability

~ How deepening your own awareness of Contact can improve your facilitation skills

~ The healing power of helping the client to experience how they move into and break from contact with a horse

~ The importance of recognizing the patterns of protection clients have developed that impact their choices to be in connection

~ How to co-create experiments with your horses that offer your clients new choices outside of the old patterns

~ Ways to be helpful when either you or your client stops the process, breaks the contact, or gets in the head!

Lynn Clifford, MA presents
Self Care & Soulful Service:
Solutions for Burn Out in Human & Horse Helpers

In this session designed to help fill you up as a helper, you'll discover ways to fuel yourself so you can stay the best possible facilitator! Listen in to experience:

~ How the motives behind your desire to enter a helping profession may actually set you up for burnout!

~ How ignoring your horse in-stincts can lead to compassion fatigue

~ The signs of burn out in human and horse helpers

~ The Awareness, Acceptance, & Action Equation for learning to take care of yourself first

~ How we can invite our horses to release stress so they stay cooperative helpers

~ A powerful exercise you can use to fill yourself up any time you have a few moments to spare!

~ How to assess and release other people's energies which may weigh you down!


Dr JennJennifer Oikle, Ph.D. presents
The Equine Inspired Inner Inquiry Process:
Combining Intuition, Energy, Creative Expression & Movement
with Horses for Healing

Enjoy this special 2-hour teaching session!

Ever wonder what horses are doing that actually help us to heal? Join in this enlightening and highly applicable session as Dr. Jenn shares her own journey of discovering the 4 part process by which horses are inviting us into inner transformation. Stay tuned as Dr. Jenn shares a fun, yet powerful activity you can use for yourself or with your clients to apply these 4 healing steps with the horses. Plus, you'll get to experience that highly transformative process for yourself during a powerful guided interactive exercise!

Listen in to experience:

~ The four steps that underlie the real change process horses create for humans

~ How you can use these four parts to design powerfully transformative activities with the horses

~ How to begin incorporating a potent mix of intuition, energy healing, creativity and movement in your sessions to invite profound change for your clients

~ How to guide your clients inward to access their own Inner Genius, that space where they already know the answers and solutions for everything

~ Why adding movement and mounted work with the horses helps your clients to anchor change and integrate transformation into their daily lives

~ A powerful way to add fun, creativity, and artistic expression to your sessions

~ A highly transformative exercise to tune into the next grandest vision for yourself or your clients so that you both can connect your power, heart, and voice to move toward your desires with passion, purpose, and playfulness!

Here's to this year being your most passionate, powerful, purpose-filled, playful year yet with Horse!

Dr. Jenn and the Healing Horse Herd


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