Expanding the Healing Power of the Horse * Human Heart Connection!

2013 Summit Set Details
Volume THREE



With this Summit Set: Volume THREE, you'll join with 10 of the Leaders in the EAL/P field to empower & expand your business this year!

There are 10 separate sessions in Volume THREE, including:

Margrit Coates, Kerry Borcherding, MA, Ann Romberg & Lynn Baskfield, David Harris, Ariana Strozzi, Equine Experiential Education Association, Jessica Baker, Tim & Bettina Jobe, Paul Smith, Ph.D. of Prescott College, Beverley Kane, MD

Plus Dr. Jenn's 2-hr BONUS session.

Here's the information & inspiration you get with this Set.

Margrit Coates presents
Horse as Healer: What Horses Want You to Know about
Partnering with them for Healing & Change

Join with one of the world's leading animal healers and communicators as she shares with us what the horses want us to know about partnering with them for EAL/P! Tune into this enlightening session to hear from the horses themselves on such topics as:

~ How horses helped to create the paradigm shift that has increased awareness of horse consciousness all over the world!

~ How we know horses actually want to help humans heal!

~ The three areas we need to check on BEFORE we ask any horse to help heal others

~ The #1 most important way we can approach any horse to begin accessing their healing wisdom

~ The three questions we should ask of any horse that we wish to partner with for healing others

~ The importance of knowing if emotion is coming primarily from your client, the horse, or both of them!

~ How horses actually help clients shift stuck energy and why they are motivated to assist in the first place

~ Plus, you'll get to hear from the Healing Herd live from the Happily Ever After Ranch as they talk about how they interact with clients to offer transformation!

~ The most important feeling-place of all that the horses invite clients to experience for deep, lasting change

Kerry Borcherding, MA, LPC presents
Mounted Magic:
Incorporating Yoga Movement on Horseback
A Somatic Facilitation Skill for All Practitioners

Would you love to add a powerful set of facilitation skills to your practice that could help your clients access profound change? Then consider adding some yoga movement exercises on the back of a horse! In this highly useful & inspiring session, Kerry shares with us how most facilitators can add this somatic set of skills to their practice now. Tune in to experience:

~ How the definition of Yoga, which means Union gives a big clue to why it's such a powerful change agent for clients!

~ Why being on the back of a horse is such a naturally powerful experience that can promote profound and lasting change

~ How relating to the horse from on top creates powerful somatic moments which can create breakthroughs for clients

~ When to consider adding movement on horseback to a session and when it's contraindicated

~ A powerful guided experience that connects you to your personal power that takes you through a series of poses you can use with your clients to promote heightened transformation quickly

~ How yoga with horses may also be healing for the horse!

~ How you can adapt movement on horseback to create effective change for almost any underlying issue you chose to work with

Ann Romberg & Lynn Baskfield of
Wisdom Horse Coaching
The Being of Business:
The Essential Question Business Plans Fail to Ask

You’ve developed the skills to bring the horses into people’s lives as healers, coaches and teachers or trainers. Now it’s time to hang your shingle. Perhaps you’ve even completed a business plan, looked at the market, identified the competition, chosen your niche and made your unique offer. Why, then, aren’t people flocking to your door?

This interview looks not so much at what you need to do to step into your business wholeheartedly, but instead, it looks at who you need to be. Ann and Lynn will give examples and tell stories that illustrate the blind spots they had about where they were holding back, what beliefs were in the way, and what energy they needed to tap into to show up in the world as the committed, passionate, qualified equine guided practitioners that they are. There will be an experiential activity for you to look for yourself at where you’re standing in your own way and how you can open yourself to success.

Tune in to experience:

~ How aligning your DOING with your BEING can power up your practice

~ Why finding your own uniquely perfect balance of doing & being is important for success

~ The number one question you can ask that will completely shift the way you focus your daily activity

~ A simple exercise you can facilitate with horses to illuminate hidden, underlying limiting beliefs

~ How horses help expose your Inner Critic quickly & effectively!

~ A super powerful & detailed guided experience of joining with the herd around the Medicine Wheel to discover exactly how the horses are inviting you and your clients to BE, which you can immediately implement both personally & professionally!

~ A great coaching question you can use to anchor real and lasting change for your clients

David Harris presents
Heartfelt Mindfulness in Leadership:
Being Human at Work

Join with a wonderful UK facilitator to take a closer look at corporate and leadership coaching with horses! Listen in to experience:

~ The power of using Barbara Rector's Safety Agreement to help participants begin the inward journey of taking responsibility for Self

~ How working with horses can help you and your clients make the shift from blame to accountability, where you reclaim your power to change the outcome

~ How increasing mindfulness trains the brain for change to occur on a more meaningful level

~ A powerful coaching question which will open the door to mindful awareness

~ A unique and profound exercise for you and your clients to tune into the varying messages of your head, heart, and power so you can create alignment and congruence, the precursor for real success!

~ An effective activity you can use with the horses to help clients understand the feeling place of a balance of respect and trust, of owning the boundary place of both yes & no

Ariana Strozzi presents
Embodying the Authentic Self with Somatics:
Working with the Mind, Body & Spirit in Equine Guided Education

Join the founder of Equine Guided Education to explore the somatic world of healing with horses. Tune in to experience:

~ Why it's not enough to change our mind to change our behavior!

~ How to work with the three levels of mind, body, and spirit for true transformation with horses

~ How tuning into the Body Armoring can be the doorway to the Story that is keeping us and our clients stuck in a painful pattern

~ How reconnecting to the Spirit, the Authentic Self who is always connected to the Whole, can lead us back to wellness and purpose

~ A powerful guided exercise to use your body as a sensate being to increase awareness of Self, Other, and World as a stepping stone for transformation on all levels

~ How accurately accessing your deeper awareness creates Choice Points for change

~ A deeper understanding of the Call of Horse!

The Equine Experiential Education Association presents
Equine Experiential Education Facilitation Skills:
Using the 5 Question Model to Spark Insight & Change

Join with two lovely ladies from E3A, PJ Stegen and Linda Pucci, as they share insights into facilitating change using the 5 Question Model, based on adult learning theory. Tune in to experience:

~ The power of Facilitative Coaching to help clients access and implement their own answers and solutions

~ The Five Fundamentals of Herd Dynamics that make partnering with horses a potent learning experience for humans wishing to improve their relationships, teamwork, and performance

~ How to apply the 5 Question Model to create more effective and lasting change from an equine experiential activity, for individuals and groups

~ Several equine interactive activities you can use to structure powerful change experiences with horses

~ How an understanding of the 3 phases of program development, Breakdown, Breakthrough, & Celebration, can help you to design your programs for maximum positive impact and success

~ How to make change stick by including important follow-up practices for your sessions

~ The importance of staying open to outcome to invite the deepest level of transformation possible

Jessica Baker presents
3 Key Steps to Attracting Clients & Making Money
in your Equine Inspired Practice

If you're ready to turn your passion into prosperity, Jess offers a 3 part plan to boost your business and make money doing what you love! Listen in to experience:

~ How birthing your business to the next level is a prime opportunity for self-healing, especially if you are willing to invest in yourself as an entrepreneur!

~ The #1 perception shift you can make to really begin effective marketing for your equine business

~ The TWO most important questions you have to ask to correctly identify your ideal clients

~ The three biggest mistakes you're making when marketing to your intended audience that keeps you from attracting perfect clients and keeping them!

~ A guided healing exercise which will help you release any resistance or blocks to stepping into your awesome, Expert Self!

~ How to identify the most important benefits your services create so you can magnetize clients to your doorstep

~ The most effective way to structure new programs and offerings to immediately attract more clients and make more money, more easily than ever before!

Tim & Bettina Jobe present
Trauma Focused Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy:
Utilizing the Natural Lifemanship™ Model to Create Change through a Mutually Beneficial Horse-Human Relationship

Enjoy this eye-opening and paradigm shifting session as the creators of the Natural Lifemanship™ model share powerful methods that help heal trauma. Tune in to experience:

~ How an emotionally intimate partnership with the horse, which focuses on that which is good for both the horse & human, can create massive openings for change

~ How the common perspective that the human needs to be a leader for the horse can actually be therapeutically damaging

~ How Rhythmic Riding can create new neuronal pathways which help clients be able to make a new choice, rather than react with the same old patterns

~ How interacting with horses can create new cross-brain connections which open the possibility for truly transforming the underlying brain patterns of trauma

~ How the same method of helping a being move from survival reactions to higher brain processing benefits both horses and humans!

~ Why working with the body during mounted exercises is a powerful way for clients to learn how to manage emotions that easily transfers to life benefits outside the session

~ Why presenting horses as metaphors or mirrors can actually limit the therapeutic benefit of sessions

~ How working with underlying principles that equally apply to both horses & humans is the most powerful way to promote lasting well-being


Paul Smith, Ph.D. presents
Meaningful Metaphors
The Art of Constructing Powerful & Positive Equine Experiences

Learn from the Director of Prescott College's Equine program as he shares important insights into how we structure our equine activities. Tune in to experience:

~ That effectiveness is not about the activity, it's how you use the activity that determines the potential for change

~ How to structure your activities to invite your clients to live into new positive possibilities

~ How to avoid common pitfalls that limit the amount of change that is possible for your clients

~ The #1 question you can ask to design the most transformative activity possible for your client

~ A lovely guided experience for yourself and your clients to open your heart and offer yourself support, while acknowledging your vulnerability

~ How to take any activity, and frame & front load it for maximum impact and change potential!

~ How and when to use mounted activities to invite even more change to take place

~ Three coaching questions that create powerful openings for awareness

Beverley Kane, MD, presents
Somatic Horsemanship for EAL/P Practitioners:
Fitness, Stress Reduction, and Healthy Aging
Through a Physical Relationship With Horses

The popular Program Director for Medicine and Horsemanship at Stanford School of Medicine joins us to share insights into her latest innovation: Somatic Horsemanship. Tune in to experience:

~ The healing usefulness of focusing on the physical aspects of our relationship with horse

~ How to use the four levels of grooming to create a transformative experience for your clients

~ How to interact with the horse as a Somarchetype to increase empathy and connection in relationship with self and other

~ A guided experience you can faciliate with horses to improve well-being by dropping into body awareness, grounding, and finding your healthy, happy place!



Dr JennJennifer Oikle, Ph.D. presents
The Equine Inspired Inner Inquiry Process:
Combining Intuition, Energy, Creative Expression & Movement
with Horses for Healing

Enjoy this special 2-hour teaching session!

Ever wonder what horses are doing that actually help us to heal? Join in this enlightening and highly applicable session as Dr. Jenn shares her own journey of discovering the 4 part process by which horses are inviting us into inner transformation. Stay tuned as Dr. Jenn shares a fun, yet powerful activity you can use for yourself or with your clients to apply these 4 healing steps with the horses. Plus, you'll get to experience that highly transformative process for yourself during a powerful guided interactive exercise!

Listen in to experience:

~ The four steps that underlie the real change process horses create for humans

~ How you can use these four parts to design powerfully transformative activities with the horses

~ How to begin incorporating a potent mix of intuition, energy healing, creativity and movement in your sessions to invite profound change for your clients

~ How to guide your clients inward to access their own Inner Genius, that space where they already know the answers and solutions for everything

~ Why adding movement and mounted work with the horses helps your clients to anchor change and integrate transformation into their daily lives

~ A powerful way to add fun, creativity, and artistic expression to your sessions

~ A highly transformative exercise to tune into the next grandest vision for yourself or your clients so that you both can connect your power, heart, and voice to move toward your desires with passion, purpose, and playfulness!

Here's to this year being your most passionate, powerful, purpose-filled, playful year yet with Horse!

Dr. Jenn and the Healing Horse Herd


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