Expanding the Healing Power of the Horse * Human Heart Connection!

2013 Summit Set Details:
Volume ONE



With this Summit Set: Volume ONE, you'll join with 10 of the Leaders in the EAL/P field to empower & expand your business this year!

There are 10 separate sessions in Volume ONE, including:

Vicki Talvi-Cole, Linda Kohanov, Schelli Whitehouse, Sherry Simon-Heldt, MS, & Jim Morris, Ph.D., Liz Mitten Ryan, Kathy Pike, Nedda Wittels, MS, MA, Sherry Ackerman, Ph.D., Wendy Golding, Stanlee Smith

Plus Dr. Jenn's 2-hr BONUS session.

Here's the information & inspiration you get with this Set.


Vicki Talvi-Cole presents
An Equine Equinox Experience:
A Guided Journey Out of the Shadows ~ Into the Light

Gather with like-hearted others during this live community call to experience yourself expand with the unconditional healing frequencies of horse as you feel the connectedness of healing throughout your body, mind, emotions and Spirit!

During this healing adventure you will:

* Connect to the essence and presence of your Higher-self

* Free yourself from limiting life themes and beliefs that hold you back

* Realize and apply your power to choose

* Merge with Horse Consciousness

* And, align with your dreams; installing them into your reality

Lines will be open for listeners after this guided journey to share, comment, and receive healing insights as Intuitive Healer Vicki Talvi-Cole bridges your Soul with your Cells to assist you with your personal life design and journey!

Linda Kohanov
The Power of the Herd:
A Nonpredatory Approach to Social Intelligence, Leadership, and Innovation

Listen in to one of our field's most noted leaders and innovators as she shares fascinating insights from her new book, The Power of the Herd. You'll experience:

~ How working with her aggressive stallion Merlin helped Linda discover a transformative form of non-predatory power that was a total game changer in solving conflict by creating mutual respect while remaining connected

~ How important leaders throughout human history have been tuning into this power to create successful outcomes

~ The significant differences between predatory and non-predatory forms of power and what it takes to employ them with horses and in life

~ The Assertiveness Formula which you can apply to any situation, with or without horses, to achieve win-win success

~ A guided exercise to access the feelings of lion-hearted power and horse power in your body, readying them for use in your life!

schelliSchelli Whitehouse presents
The Soul of Your Brand:
Experience Your Unique Essence and Connect Your
Equine Assisted Practice to the Heart of Your Ideal Clients

An eye-opening, inspiring, and highly useful examination of the HOW's of branding your business so that you can boost your natural confidence and attract more of your ideal clients! Listen in to experience:

~ The four power questions you can ask yourself to begin identifying the Soul of your brand!

~ Why knowing your own Unique Essence is pivotal to establishing a successful equine practice

~ A powerful guided exercise that will help you begin identifying your Unique Essence

~ How to translate your Essence into your own Brand to more easily and effortlessly attract new clients

~ How to play with your Essence in the presence of horses so they can guide you in applying this energy to your business & life. Plus the 6 guiding questions to help you make the most of this activity!

~ The one question you can begin asking right now to super-charge your practice

Sherry Simon-Heldt, MS, & Jim Morris, Ph.D., present
EquUSessence Somatic Psychotherapy™: 
Experiencing Movement toward Connection, Congruency, & Centeredness
with Self and Others

In this insightful and useful session incorporating somatics, you'll get practical information you can apply to your work with horses. Listen in to experience:

~ How working with horses can be mutually healing- for both the horse and the human!

~ How working with horses helps clients achieve nervous system regulation of the fight, flight, and freeze responses

~ An understanding of how the horses activate the ventral/vagal response that helps clients achieve a feeling of safety and connection

~ How to use a powerful 3 stage exercise with clients and couples to explore the issues of "How do I connect with myself? And what happens when I connect with others?"

~ How to use Gravity Grounding, an exercise on top of the horse to promote client healing

~ An important exercise you can use with your clients to help them orient to their surroundings, ground in their body, and create a resource for use in creating safety when facing powerful emotions

Liz Mitten Ryan presents
Equinisity and One Consciousness in All Life

Discover the horses gift as energy healers in this eye-opening and heartful exploration of how horses help humans shift energy so that they can be in touch with the Truth of All That Is. Listen in to experience:

- A novel way that horses are helping humans shift- using Table Sessions!

- How being in the energy fields of horses helps people heal & remember who they really are

- How to court your horse to create a new relationship with your horse based on friendship, using Liberty exercises

- A guided meditation with Liz's Herd to enter into your Heart Self so you can see the world through your Heart's and the Horses's Eyes!

Kathy Pike presents
4 Steps to the Present:
Integrating Body, Mind, and Spirit with Horses

Join with the founder of the Mind-Body Coaching Method with Horses to discover new practices to open your awareness and effectiveness as a facilitator! Tune in to experience:

~ Four powerful questions you can ask to begin integrating body, mind, emotions, and spirit for yourself and your clients

~ The power of using the 4 steps to create awareness of thoughts and feelings that leads to greater choice in generating positive outcomes

~ How to use the 4 steps as a facilitator to consistently monitor yourself and be able to separate what is yours, what is the client's, and what is the horse's, moment to moment, to facilitate more effective sessions

~ How to use the 4 steps with your clients to identify limiting patterns of thought and emotion so that they can begin to shift

~ Ways to apply the 4 steps while riding a horse to create a more congruent, effective horse/rider dynamic

~ A guided exercise of the 4 steps to access your own deeper level of awareness

~ How to be more like the horse, an accoustical being, to support the client's successful process

Nedda Wittels, MS, MA presents
Equines, Unicorns, and Pegasi:  The Healing Connections

Open to all of the equine energies that surround us! A fascinating and inspiring session that will expand your awareness about partnering with Unicorns and Pegasus for healing and transformation! Listen in to experience:

~ Real life stories of healing with the unicorn and pegasus energies

~ How earthly horses may carry the Pegasus or Unicorn energy

~ Direct messages from the Unicorn and Pegasus Beings

~ How the Pegasi (plural of Pegasus) work together in teams to use vibrations to heal horses and people

~ How you can partner with the Pegasi or Unicorns to heal

~ A special and powerful guided meditation where you'll open your high heart Charka so you can connect with your own Pegasus or Unicorn guide to receive messages and healings!

Sherry Ackerman, Ph.D. presents
The TAO Dance: A Yoga of Two
Horse as a Mirror of the Psyche

Gain an understanding of the healing doorway horses offer to us during this intriguing session with the author of Dressage in the Fourth Dimension. Listen in to experience:

~ What we can learn from understanding horses as embodiments of the Anima Munde, the World Soul

~ Horses as a gateway to experiencing the Divine Feminine

~ How the difference between our normal way of DOING in the Alpha brain state, and the horses way of BEING in the Beta brain state introduces a powerful opportunity for healing and consciousness

~ How to use the Schumann Resonance, the frequency of Nature, to enter the Beta brain state to create a more powerful, healing connection with horse

~ A powerful breathing exercise to promote the Beta state and harmonious, balanced energy flow in the body

~ A unique guided meditation to access the Beta state and use it to unite with the energy field of a horse, for healing, riding, training, or unity of consciousness!

~ How Horses help us access the fourth dimension of unconditional love and acceptance, where powerful moments of healing can transform our consciousness

Wendy Golding presents
Co-Creative Facilitation with Horse:
Deepening Your Partnership with Horse
to Expand the Healing Potential

In this insightful session, discover the horses' request that we join with them on a deeper level so that we may co-facilitate even more profound changes for our clients!

Listen in to experience:

~ How observing your horses and asking permission sets the stage for powerful healing

~ How developing your sixth senses can heighten your ability to partner with horses during healing

~ A Guided Meditation to clear your Charka System so you can more easily connect to and communicate with the horses during sessions

~ A special tool you can use to assist your horses in clearing a client's energy after heavy sessions

~ A heart connection exercise you can use for yourself or with your clients to connect to the heart of horse to facilitate transformation

~ The power of inviting the Horse Ancestors to partner with you and your horses for sessions

~ How to partner with your horses to both prepare for and debrief sessions for maximum impact

~ How horses teach each other how to be better facilitators for humans!

Stanlee Smith presents
Welcoming Yourself Home:
Cultivating the Inner Witness
Guided Exercises for Connecting
More Deeply with Self, Other & Horses

Join us for this guided adventure into exercises that help us connect more deeply to ourselves, others, and horses! Tune in to experience:

~ How accessing your Inner Witness creates the opportunity for well-being for ourselves and our clients

~ A Guided experience of the iRest procedure, (Integrative Restoration), a well researched process which is helping people to heal trauma-based experiences and can benefit us all!

~ How tuning inward to your bodily senses of emotions heightens your ability to accept and be with What Is, the place where healing can begin

~ How playing with expanding and constricting your energy opens the doorway for profound healing relationships with yourself and others

~ A Guided exercise to access the "We Space," the field between us, which can lead to profound interpersonal understanding, healings, and the experience of Unity

~ How facilitating from the We Space can create powerful connections with our horses and clients which lead to greater transformation

~ How using the Carolyn Resnick Method of horsemanship can inform and deepen our sessions


Dr JennJennifer Oikle, Ph.D. presents
The Equine Inspired Inner Inquiry Process:
Combining Intuition, Energy, Creative Expression & Movement
with Horses for Healing

Enjoy this special 2-hour teaching session!

Ever wonder what horses are doing that actually help us to heal? Join in this enlightening and highly applicable session as Dr. Jenn shares her own journey of discovering the 4 part process by which horses are inviting us into inner transformation. Stay tuned as Dr. Jenn shares a fun, yet powerful activity you can use for yourself or with your clients to apply these 4 healing steps with the horses. Plus, you'll get to experience that highly transformative process for yourself during a powerful guided interactive exercise!

Listen in to experience:

~ The four steps that underlie the real change process horses create for humans

~ How you can use these four parts to design powerfully transformative activities with the horses

~ How to begin incorporating a potent mix of intuition, energy healing, creativity and movement in your sessions to invite profound change for your clients

~ How to guide your clients inward to access their own Inner Genius, that space where they already know the answers and solutions for everything

~ Why adding movement and mounted work with the horses helps your clients to anchor change and integrate transformation into their daily lives

~ A powerful way to add fun, creativity, and artistic expression to your sessions

~ A highly transformative exercise to tune into the next grandest vision for yourself or your clients so that you both can connect your power, heart, and voice to move toward your desires with passion, purpose, and playfulness!

Here's to this year being your most passionate, powerful, purpose-filled, playful year yet with Horse!

Dr. Jenn and the Healing Horse Herd


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