Expanding the Healing Power of the Horse * Human Heart Connection!

Details for the 2013 Summit Set:



With this Summit Set: BIZ WIZ Volume, you'll join with our 4 Business Experts who share how to bust through your business blocks and create a real breakthrough for your business this year!

There are 4 separate sessions in this BIZ WIZ set:
Schelli Whitehouse, Ann Romber/Lynn Baskfield, Lucinda Newman & Jessica Baker

Plus Dr. Jenn's 2-hr BONUS session.

Here's the information & inspiration you get with this Set.

Schelli Whitehouse presents
The Soul of Your Brand:
Experience Your Unique Essence and Connect Your
Equine Assisted Practice to the Heart of Your Ideal Clients

An eye-opening, inspiring, and highly useful examination of the HOW's of branding your business so that you can boost your natural confidence and attract more of your ideal clients! Listen in to experience:

~ The four power questions you can ask yourself to begin identifying the Soul of your brand!

~ Why knowing your own Unique Essence is pivotal to establishing a successful equine practice

~ A powerful guided exercise that will help you begin identifying your Unique Essence

~ How to translate your Essence into your own Brand to more easily and effortlessly attract new clients

~ How to play with your Essence in the presence of horses so they can guide you in applying this energy to your business & life. Plus the 6 guiding questions to help you make the most of this activity!

~ The one question you can begin asking right now to super-charge your practice

Ann Romberg & Lynn Baskfield of
Wisdom Horse Coaching
The Being of Business:
The Essential Question Business Plans Fail to Ask

You’ve developed the skills to bring the horses into people’s lives as healers, coaches and teachers or trainers. Now it’s time to hang your shingle. Perhaps you’ve even completed a business plan, looked at the market, identified the competition, chosen your niche and made your unique offer. Why, then, aren’t people flocking to your door?

This interview looks not so much at what you need to do to step into your business wholeheartedly, but instead, it looks at who you need to be. Ann and Lynn will give examples and tell stories that illustrate the blind spots they had about where they were holding back, what beliefs were in the way, and what energy they needed to tap into to show up in the world as the committed, passionate, qualified equine guided practitioners that they are. There will be an experiential activity for you to look for yourself at where you’re standing in your own way and how you can open yourself to success.

Tune in to experience:

~ How aligning your DOING with your BEING can power up your practice

~ Why finding your own uniquely perfect balance of doing & being is important for success

~ The number one question you can ask that will completely shift the way you focus your daily activity

~ A simple exercise you can facilitate with horses to illuminate hidden, underlying limiting beliefs

~ How horses help expose your Inner Critic quickly & effectively!

~ A super powerful & detailed guided experience of joining with the herd around the Medicine Wheel to discover exactly how the horses are inviting you and your clients to BE, which you can immediately implement both personally & professionally!

~ A great coaching question you can use to anchor real and lasting change for your clients

Lucinda Newman presents
Getting Your Good Work Out There:  
A Plan to Take Your Equine Practice or Business to the Next Level

Join us for this powerful session with practical tools for you to align your internal attitudes with your external actions to create a breakthrough for your business this year! Tune in to experience:

~ The #1 belief you have to embody to create business success, no matter what anyone else says!

~ How to use the tool of Insane Focus to powerfully propel your business forward this year

~ An effective daily exercise you can employ to dissolve blocks while turning your business visions into reality

~ A powerful activity you can do with your horses that will help you embody your vision in such a way as to attract powerful synchronicity and opportunities into your life, starting now!

~ The one statistic you can use to immediately prioritize your business activity to be more effective and make more money

~ 5 ways to effectively work with advocates to make more money while working less!

~ 3 methods to get more great referrals


Jessica Baker presents
3 Key Steps to Attracting Clients & Making Money
in your Equine Inspired Practice

If you're ready to turn your passion into prosperity, Jess offers a 3 part plan to boost your business and make money doing what you love! Listen in to experience:

~ How birthing your business to the next level is a prime opportunity for self-healing, especially if you are willing to invest in yourself as an entrepreneur!

~ The #1 perception shift you can make to really begin effective marketing for your equine business

~ The TWO most important questions you have to ask to correctly identify your ideal clients

~ The three biggest mistakes you're making when marketing to your intended audience that keeps you from attracting perfect clients and keeping them!

~ A guided healing exercise which will help you release any resistance or blocks to stepping into your awesome, Expert Self!

~ How to identify the most important benefits your services create so you can magnetize clients to your doorstep

~ The most effective way to structure new programs and offerings to immediately attract more clients and make more money, more easily than ever before!


Jennifer Oikle, Ph.D. presents
The Equine Inspired Inner Inquiry Process:
Combining Intuition, Energy, Creative Expression & Movement
with Horses for Healing

Enjoy this special 2-hour teaching session!

Ever wonder what horses are doing that actually help us to heal? Join in this enlightening and highly applicable session as Dr. Jenn shares her own journey of discovering the 4 part process by which horses are inviting us into inner transformation. Stay tuned as Dr. Jenn shares a fun, yet powerful activity you can use for yourself or with your clients to apply these 4 healing steps with the horses. Plus, you'll get to experience that highly transformative process for yourself during a powerful guided interactive exercise!

Listen in to experience:

~ The four steps that underlie the real change process horses create for humans

~ How you can use these four parts to design powerfully transformative activities with the horses

~ How to begin incorporating a potent mix of intuition, energy healing, creativity and movement in your sessions to invite profound change for your clients

~ How to guide your clients inward to access their own Inner Genius, that space where they already know the answers and solutions for everything

~ Why adding movement and mounted work with the horses helps your clients to anchor change and integrate transformation into their daily lives

~ A powerful way to add fun, creativity, and artistic expression to your sessions

~ A highly transformative exercise to tune into the next grandest vision for yourself or your clients so that you both can connect your power, heart, and voice to move toward your desires with passion, purpose, and playfulness!

Here's to this year being your most passionate, powerful, purpose-filled, playful year yet with Horse!

Dr. Jenn and the Healing Horse Herd

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