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Invisible Obstacles to Growth!

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Pam Allen-Leblanc of
Hidden Brook Farm, Canada

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Video: Discover how Clearing Invisible Obstacles
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Have you ever felt off? Like something is hanging over you
or onto you that you just can’t shake?

Maybe it’s been awhile since you felt great, really like “yourself.”

Or maybe your client can’t seem to shift despite her good intentions?
 Are her emotions all over the place?

Perhaps your healing horse(s) have been acting oddly or don’t quite seem
 like themselves after a session?

All of these and much, much more can be subtle signs that you, your clients, or your horses are dealing with Invisible Obstacles to Growth!

Often, hidden beneath our conscious awareness are a variety of energetic influences that keep you from being your Best Self.  

These invisible energetic influences may be keeping you from building your business effectively or offering awesome sessions that work. They may be stopping your client from making the progress they hope for. And they could be blocking your horses from helping as much as they otherwise would!

You’re invited to join us for a FREE CALL to explore this important topic of Invisible Obstacles to Growth so that you can understand more about how these energetic influences may be blocking you, your clients, and your herd from offering your best!

During this highly Educational Call you’ll discover the WARNING SIGNS of the Invisible Obstacles plus:

~ How Energy Cords are formed and can drain you, your clients, and your herd of vital life energy needed to flourish at your best.

~ How other people’s Unresolved Energy can stick to you and your herd, blocking you from feeling and functioning at peak performance.

~ How Uncrossed Entities, of Light & Dark kinds, can attach to you and your horses creating all sorts of trouble without you even being aware of it!

~ How your own personal Energy Grid (or your client’s or horse’s) can get out of whack, making it difficult to flow easily and gracefully in the world.

~ Plus, time for Q & A to answer your questions and concerns!
All of these issues can be silently stopping you, your clients, or your horses from thriving!

In times past, Shamans and Healers all over the globe were well aware of these energies in the world, and their relationship to illness & health.  In our pursuit of science and medicine, we have left behind most things “energy”. 

But pretending they are not there, does not mean they are not there!

In fact, quantum physics is beginning to re-reveal that Everything is Energy.

Now’s the time to increase our awareness of the invisible world of energetic influences so we can have the maximum impact on the world that we came here to offer!

Please join us for this FREE Educational Call

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RECORDING: Invisible Obstacles to Growth
1 hr 13 min


We've put together a bunch of free resources for you to further explore the topics included in Invisible Obstacles to Growth! Enjoy.

By Pam Allen LeBlanc of Hidden Brook Farm

~ Article: Horses That Heal

~ Article: Reiki Animals, Part 1

~ Article: Reiki Animals, Part 2

~ Free Call, Part of the Spiritual Healing with Horses Tele-Series: Energy Attunements for Equines

Resource List of All other Books & Videos mentioned in the Class

(Word Doc)

~ Resource List


Ready to SHIFT these Invisible Influences?!

Join us for the follow up class, where you will learn specific techniques to Clear Cords, Energies, and Entities  from yourself, your clients, AND your horses. 

PLUS, you’ll receive the extra bonus of participating in a Group Clearing process for yourself and your herd, during the class!!!

Tele-CLASS & Group Clearing

Clearing Invisible Obstacles to Growth:
How to Remove Cords, Energies, and Entities
for Optimum Outcomes

Wed Dec 16th, 7-9pm Mountain
Cost: $37

In this live, tele-class you will discover how to safely and effectively,

~ Tell if you, your clients, or horses have Energy Cords and how to dissolve them.

~ Assess whether Unresolved Energies in your field are your own or others and how to quickly and easily remove them from your space (or from your client or horses)

~ Remove Uncrossed Entities from the field, so that you are clean and clear of outside influences

~ PLUS, you will experience a personal Group Clearing for you and your herd during the call!

You'll leave cleaner, brighter & lighter with greater energy, enthusiasm, and impact than before!

A one-on-one energy clearing typically costs more than $85, by itself, not including learning HOW TO work with these energies for yourself, others, and your horses. So the class cost of $37 is a Steal of a Deal to help YOU work more effectively with everyone in your world!

Grab your space now.

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Wed Dec 16th, 7-9pm Mountain
Cost: $37

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Invisible Obstacles
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Meet your Expert Equine Facilitator!

Pamela Allen-LeBlanc
of Hidden Brook Farm, Canada


Pamela Allen-LeBlanc Pam teaches Holistic Horsemanship, Reiki, and Animal Communication at Hidden Brook Farm and also carries a full line of therapeutic grade essential oils. As an intutive, healer, and animal communicator, she also offers healing sessions in person and via phone.

More about Pam:

Pam became a Pony Club Instructor when she was just a teen after spending a lifetime working with and showing both riding horses and her family’s Belgian Draft horses. 

After completing a Bachelor’s of Science in Agriculture at McGill University, she went onto a successful career in government, received an MBA from the University of New Brunswick and then entered the business world, growing one company to the fastest growing company in Atlantic Canada and another to the 3rd fastest growing in Atlantic Canada as their Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing. 

In January of 2009, her companies were forced to close when a $12 million contract was cancelled and she decided it was time to indulge in her passion for horses.  She had discovered “Natural Horsemanship” and was teaching a few students the “new” methods she had learned of working with horses.  She decided it was time to expand on this work but although she was now doing work she loved, her health began to fail.  She developed serious allergies that could not be diagnosed or treated with traditional medical procedures and became uncomfortable enough to attempt a “non-traditional” approach as she studied and used Reiki with tremendous results. 

Around the same time, she also applied herself to learning to communicate with animals.  This was not natural to her and involved a lot of hard work to break through and see results.  She also began using and teaching “horse healing” work after studying Linda Kohanov’s Tao of Equus work. 

And after successfully treating a depressed mare who had lost a foal with essential oils, she began studying the oils and their affects in earnest and eventually developed her own line of essential oils which are used by horses and humans alike.  Pam added dowsing to her list of skills and began tapping into and using her own intuition as well, all with tremendous results.  This was a long way from her “traditional and logical scientific and business background, but the horses flourished, so much so that she finally became ready to spread this work to the world.

Eventually, Pam was fortunate to have studied with the renowned and well known Reiki Master, William Lee Rand and received her Reiki Master attunement in the inner circle of Stonehenge, England.  She went on to study Karuna Reiki with William in New York a few years later. 

She also became a certified Centered Riding Instructor when she discovered that Centered Riding was much more comfortable for the horse, and was a wonderful way to integrate the physical, emotional and energetic components of riding and horsemanship.

In consultation with her Reiki Master, William Lee Rand, Pam developed a method of sharing Reiki with horses which involves giving an “attunement” to the animal so they can experience Reiki themselves as we do after a Reiki class.  This revolutionary method of sharing Reiki with animals was so successful and intriguing that it was featured in a full length article in the “Reiki News Magazine” about the farm in the Fall 2013 issue entitled “Horses that Heal”.

To learn more, visit www.hiddenbrook.com


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