Expanding the Healing Power of the Horse * Human Heart Connection!

Power Up Your Practice!


*Become a Powerful CATALYST for Change in your Equine Practice*

A Monthly Tele-Class Series to Empower Equine-Assisted Facilitators,
Personally & Professionally

~ Are you eager to discover INNOVATIVE ways for your practice to IGNITE even deeper IMPACT for everyone you are called to serve?

~ Are you ready to GROW your practice to serve even more people,
sparking life-altering CHANGE for everyone you work with?

Then get ready to SHIFT from STUCK to SUCCESS! 

It’s high time for the RESULTS of your equine practice to


Most of us are dedicated to life-long learning so that our practice can be as powerful as possible. And, sometimes as equine facilitators, coaches, or therapists, we need a little support, some new information, or fresh inspiration to become all that we are meant to be, both personally and professionally. 

Do any of the following sound familiar?

~ Ever wish for some personal support to help you get out of your own way so your practice can SOAR to the heights you’ve always imagined?

~ Sometimes feel stuck with a client and want some FRESH ideas to create high-impact change?

~ Wanting new ways to partner with horses to help your clients make meaningful shifts that LAST?

~ Desire ways to dissolve your inner blocks so you can SERVE more people, more powerfully, from your heart and soul?

~ Often need a few effective ideas to take your business to the next level of financial SUCCESS?

Well then, the Equine-Assisted Coaching Corner is just for you!

The Coaching Corner is specially designed as ongoing education and a unique support system to take your equine practice to the next most grandest version of ALL that is possible, so that YOU can serve along side of horses and live your passion powerfully, sparking deep-level transformation for ALL with whom you partner.

If you are ready to be the BEST equine facilitator you can be,

AND build the most SUCCESSFUL practice you deserve,

Then join us for 6 months of *LIVE* Content & Coaching,
designed to be a CATALYST to create powerful change
for your practice and your clients!


The Coaching Corner is designed as:

~ a once-a-month conference call

~ on the first Tuesday of the month from January to July 2014

~ 90 min, 7:00-8:30 pm, US Mountain time


Come once, come often, or attend all sessions!

Each power-packed session will be led by a different Expert Equine Facilitator with the overall purpose of providing you with new ways to expand & empower your equine practice, both personally (the ways you grow your practice) and professionally (the ways you show up with clients). 

Each 1.5 hour session will be divided into three sections
to provide you with these powerful benefits:

~ Catalyst Content: Here you’ll discover an innovative, practical, and useable framework or skill to apply to building your business, dissolving your blocks, and/or working with your clients for profound growth and change. 

~ LIVE Coaching:  Next, a select number of volunteers will be coached *live* using the month’s framework so that you can understand the process in action and discover it’s power for yourself and your clients, transforming in the moment personally or vicariously, through Borrowed Benefit!

~ Q & A Debriefing: Finally, open group discussion will provide an opportunity to uncover how you can personally apply the concepts or
skills to your own process & clients, maximizing the impact on your specific practice with horses.

every call will be recorded and available for download
should you not be able to attend the session live.

AND, each session will also include a downloadable PDF handout
of the framework or skill presented, for easy reference.

Meet Your Facilitators!

Now, I am thrilled to introduce our Expert Equine Facilitators who will be your guides for the inaugural 2014 Coaching Corner!

We have 6 very powerful coaches and one very special BONUS session which means you’ll have 7 months of Catalyst Coaching, a total of over 10 hours, to super charge your equine practice with new skills and tools for massive transformation!

Plus, we have a very special, LIVE, Kick-Off 2014 CELEBRATION CALL to join together and activate the highest energies for your Equine Practice in 2014! FREE FOR ALL who are ready to super-charge their work with horses in the new year! More Info.

Dr. Jenn, founder of the Healing with Horse Collective will serve as your host for the series.


FREE! Kick-Off Celebration Call!

Dec 30th, 2013
6:30-7:30 pm, Mountain Time, US
(8:30 eastern, 7:30 central, 5:30 west coast)

Wendy Golding of Horse Spirit Connections, Canada

Activating Your Equine Essence for 2014: 
A Gifting Journey around the Medicine Wheel
with the
Horse Ancestors

Join our Comm-Unity to gather together and activate your equine energies for 2014 by taking a guided jounrey with the Horse Ancestors along the Medicine Wheel! Access gifts and wisdom to power up your practice in the new year! FREE FOR ALL!

Listen to the FREE RECORDING Here!

Jan 7, 2014
Lynn Baskfield of Wisdom Horse Coaching, MN

Simple Coaching Questions that
Create Quantum Shifts


Learn 8 simple but powerful questions you can use to support your clients to create transformation and forward movement with horses.

More Session Info Here!
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Feb 4, 2014
Drea Bowen of Horses HEAL Hearts, WA

Follow Me – I Am SO Worth it!:
Drawing Clients Toward Your Business
by Trusting Yourself

Discover how to SHIFT from driving, striving and maybe even hiding while you push to build your business to easily attracting clients by strongly resonating with Inner Belief in what you have to offer to the clients you most want to work with!

More Session Info Here!
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BONUS SESSION! Mar 4, 2014
Asia Voight, Intuitive Animal Communication, WI

Sharing Your Soul's Gift:
Releasing Blocks to Embodying
your Heart-Felt Mission with Horses


Straight from the horse’s mouth (and heart!), discover the specific underlying mission that empowers your horse work and begin to dissolve the ways you’ve been blocking yourself from manifesting your mission most powerfully!

More Session Info Here!
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Apr 1, 2014
Schelli Whitehouse of The Equine Inspired Life, NC

Money Matters:
Releasing Resistance to
Flowing Fulfilling Abundance
in your Equine Practice



Ever wonder why it can feel SO HARD to attract money to support you as your serve your purpose with the equine-work? Join us to uncover your money blocks so you can release resistance and invite abundance to effortlessly dance into your life!

More Session Info Here!
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May 6, 2014
Lisa Murrell of Equine Alchemy, NY

Powerful Pathways to Success:
Using ICF (International Coach Federation)Coaching Skills to bring
Your Practice to the Next Level!

Discover a profound business SHIFT that can BOOST the number of clients you serve (and your income!) while using signature ICF skills to create deeper change in all of your new clients!

More Session Info Here!
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June 3, 2014
Juli Lynch, Ph.D. of EPALA, WI

Personality Archetypes of Horsemanship:
Harnessing the Light & Shadow to Generate
a Powerful, Passionate, Purpose-filled Practice with Horses

Discover how your personality archetype (and your client’s) currently impacts your ability to manifest your passion & purpose. Then learn how to harness both the Light and Shadow sides of the archetypes to fulfill your destiny alongside of horses! 

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July 1, 2014
Kathleen Barry Ingram of The Sacred Place of Possibility, AZ

Relationship In Motion:
Balancing Head, Heart, and Hara to
Co-Create Successful Outcomes

Learn how to create massive heart-ful results WHILE staying connected to what matters most: The Relationship! By learning to balance your head, heart, and hara in both yourself and your clients, you’ll more easily generate successful action & outcomes
in all you do.

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Like all of our programs, we’ve kept the cost affordable and offered options so as many facilitators as possible can benefit from ongoing education and support. The horses need us, our clients need us, and we need each other to be the best possible facilitators for human transformation!

Remember, all sessions will be recorded and will be available for download afterward, so even if some of the sessions have passed, you can still enjoy ALL sessions by recording, at ANY TIME.

You are Welcome to Participate in the
Coaching Corner in 3 Affordable Ways!

IMPORTANT NOTE!: We use PayPal to securely process your payment. Once payment is made, on the final Paypal page, please click on "Return to drjenn@healingwithhorse.com". This will bring you to further information about accessing your purchase. Please allow at least 24 hours for further info to be sent to you.

Option 1 ~ The Whole Series
SAVE MONEY by purchasing the entire series of 7 sessions! Only $109. That’s only $15.50 per power-packed, 90 minute session!

Whole Series

Option 2 ~ Any Single Session
Drop in for any live session or download any single session for just $15.
You can also choose any 2 or 3 single sessions to SAVE.

Single Session (Or any 2 or 3!)

Option 3 ~ Apply for a Sliding Scale Scholarship
We’re dedicated to everyone having access to ongoing equine-assisted education and inspiration, despite their financial situation. If you’d like to participate but cannot afford the full fee, please email for information: drjenn@healingwithhorse.com

SPECIAL OFFER!!! Buy Together & Save!

Purchase the complete 2014 Coaching Corner Series at the discount price
of ONLY $99 AND SAVE 50% on the entire 2013 Tele-Summit Set

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 Power Up Your Practice!


**Don't Miss our 2nd Annual
Tele-Summit & Symposium!**

2014 Tele-Summit

15 Empowering Educational
Over 3 Weeks!

Coming March 2014

More info coming soon!

2014 Symposium

Gather with Like-Hearted Facilitators for Powerful In-Person Inspiration!

May 16-18, 2014,
Denver, CO

More info coming soon!


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