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Simple Coaching Questions that
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Lynn Baskfield of Wisdom Horse Coaching, MN
Jan 7, 2014

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More about this Session

Often as coaches we’d like to be brilliant, come up with the right thing to say, the perfect question to create a breakthrough for our client. However, this session is a reminder that the very tools we might consider too simple or too obvious to incorporate into our coaching session are often the most powerful. 

In this session we’ll talk about the coaching competency of using powerful questions. Specifically, you will be introduced to the seven Simple Questions that are so easy and effective that you can use them over and over again to help your clients gain insight and take appropriate action.

You will learn:

~ Why curiosity on your part is a gift to your client
~ What it is to listen for rather than listen to
~ What powerful questioning is
~ What the seven Simple Questions are and how to use them in your practice
~ An eighth Simple Question that includes the horses and never fails to open things up

During the coaching portion, Lynn will coach several volunteers using the 7 Simple Questions so you can experience the quantum shifts that even simple questions, thoughtfully applied, can create.

Join in and you'll always have a path to follow to move yourself or your clients towards change that matters!


Meet your Expert Equine Facilitator!

Lynn Baskfield of Wisdom Horse Coaching, MN

Lynn guides people through rites of passage with storytelling, writing, nature and horses. A lifelong horsewoman, she partners with horses to evoke insights and learning that her clients cannot get anywhere else.  It is Lynn's experience that when her clients connect with themselves through the horses, empowerment and creative solutions emerge quite naturally.

Lynn has a Master of Arts in Human Development and is a certified life coach, transformational educator and the author of two books. She has trained with Coaches Training Institute, The Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association (EAGALA), and the Rancho Strozzi’s Horses and Coaching program, and has presented at several national trainings and conferences.  It is her joy to help people make a living—and have a life—doing what they love.

Please learn more here: http://www.wisdomhorsecoaching.com/

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This session has been recorded and is available for
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