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Lisa Murrell of Equine Alchemy, NY
May 6, 2014

7:00-8:30 pm, US Mountain time

The field of Equine Assisted Coaching is gaining popularity in leaps and bounds. 

Are you ready to take advantage of this growth?
Is your basic business model to do as many weekend workshops, retreats or private clients as you can?  Just thinking about this makes me tired!!  There is a better way!!

Through combining International Coach Federation Coaching with your Equine Facilitated Learning practice you will be able to meet the needs of the growing number of people seeking transformation through working with horses.

You're invited to join this session for a glimpse of what could be your future practice.  Why is your Equine Assisted Coaching business going to be better through this 90 minute experience?

Because you will learn…

~ How to create Abundance through a powerful and entirely NEW business model to bring your business to a different level (you would be surprised how much this field needs this!)

~ International Coach Federation Coaching Basics that add VALUE to your clients (these core competencies are the world class standards in the coaching industry!)

~ What Relief and Certainty feels like knowing that you can sustain all of this through business building pathways that have support me in 2 six figure businesses (we all want that!)

I tell all of my coaching students, if you feel like you are working too hard; then you probably are.  Now you can have access to a new path to success through coaching excellence and proven business practices! 


Meet your Expert Equine Facilitator!

Lisa Murrell of Equine Alchemy, NY

Lisa Murrell is the master coach at Equine Alchemy and MetaSystem Consulting Group. She began consulting in Paris and has spent the last 15 years working globally to help clients achieve transformational results in the areas of organization development and executive and team coaching.

Lisa’s Conscious Reinvention of her life from farm girl to international model to mother and global business coach is an extraordinary story of courage and heartbreak; high highs and low lows. A globally successful business and life coach, Lisa’s most recent (and she feels final) conscious reinvention is through Equine Alchemy, combining coaching and horses.

Alchemy was medieval chemists’ attempts to turn base metals into gold. Equine Alchemy does the same but the riches derived from working with horses is full of emotional enrichment and lessons learned about self and consistently proves to be much more valuable than gold.

Her Business Breakthrough Process and unconventional path of growth and development has helped clients improve customer satisfaction by 90%! She has guided them to re-envision their companies to create as much as 500% sales growth, and has coached them through re-designing their business that resulted in a 400% increase in profitability!

Lisa, author of Inspiring Real Change; Using Systemic Experiential Learning to Develop Systems, Organizations, Teams and Individuals and How To Get the Best Results From Every Meeting in the least amount of time…It’s All About Leadership developed a multi-level systemic approach to coaching and consulting and combines that with experiential learning to help her clients identify and address issues that impact performance, and yes in some cases, change their lives!

Murrell’s transformational programs include both virtual and in-person Master’s quality, (ICF) accredited coaching certification programs; propelling coaching into its next evolution through course work and experiential learning resulting in the ultimate mind/body connection.

Lisa studied Psychology at NYU and Organization Development and Human Resources at Columbia University. She is a Professional Certified Coach, from the International Coach Federation and an Advanced Instructor for the Epona ApproachTM to Equine Facilitated Experiential Learning. Her coaching stance is, “What part are you playing in creating and maintaining your current reality?” Her Brand Promise…”To link authentic self discovery with paths to action.”

Please connect with her at: http://www.equinealchemy.com

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