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A Somatic Ceremony on Horseback

with Kera Willis

Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”
-Mary Oliver


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Kera Willis will be facilitating this topic at the
**Healing with Horse Festival & Symposium**
our in-person event, May 2015 in Denver! Come learn from her and
join the Human Herd to empower your practice to the next level!!!

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In the increasingly complex times in which we live, the question of destiny is not an easy one to answer. What if you could design a ceremony that allowed your clients to release the fears that are blocking them in the present moment, and move forward in the direction of their dreams?

Discover Dreamride: a somatic mounted journey that increases the scope of your practice to include conscious mounted work. Experience the intimacy and transformation that can be catalyzed in just a short session, and how working with ceremony and magic can elevate your practice- and your clients!


Our lives are no longer lived simply from beginning to end. We are asked to encompass a thousand textures, to navigate between a thousand joys and sorrows, to swim the tempestuous waters of change until we arrive at the shores of reinvention.

How can we come to know our true selves if we are never still? And even if we do know the passions of our souls- what we are a stand for, the gift we have been born to offer to the world- how do we bring this gift to the forefront of our lives? Given the million complexities that are asked of us, how do we make our way into the world as our awakened, wild, and vital selves?

Dreamride can take your clients much farther than simply setting an intention or stating their heart's desire before entering a round pen. It is a sacred and deeply felt practice designed to bring your clients' dreams out from the shadow of the unconscious and into the light of this oh-so-real world in which we live.

It is a marriage ceremony between the mythic offerings of the dream world- the passions of our souls- and the practical reality of waking life.

When we sit on a horse, we are naturally asked to open the angles of our bodies and breathe through our natural fear. On a horse, we are asked to open these tight places, and activate energy centres which in turn opens our hearts to the world. And the horse rocks us gently through this process; supporting us; grounding us; carrying us into the present moment, just as they carried our ancestors across the boundaries that lie between worlds.

Once we become present we can journey through the body, calling forth our dreams, and asking our right lives to be revealed through the body, which connects us to the great unconscious; the collective mind. We will describe feelings, sensations, and images. We will let the heart paint us a somatic picture as the horse carries us, one step after another, walking our incarnation towards the world.

Then we will take a breath and name what it is we have created; a felt sense of our dream in the world. Then we will place our hands over our hearts and lock this memory into the DNA of our cells.

Join in this session to explore:

  • The multiple physical, mental, & emotional benefits of mounted work on a horse!

  • Practical ways to infuse your work with ritual, ceremony and magic

  • Ways to customize the ritual to suit the needs and comfort levels of your clients as well as the training and soundness of your horses

  • An in-session experience of this somatic guided journey so you can begin to feel the power of this approach

  • Important exercises enabling your clients to 'lock in' their discoveries and enliven their dreams again and again
  • What to consider before adding this work to your repertoire

We are freer now than at any time in history to embrace our callings and have a lasting impact on the world. What are you waiting for? Put your foot in the stirrup, swing aboard, and join us in riding in the direction of your dreams!

Learn LIVE!

Kera Willis will be facilitating this topic at the
**Healing with Horse Festival & Symposium**
our in-person event, May 2015 in Denver! Come learn from her and
join the Human Herd to empower your practice to the next level!!!

More info on the Symposium here


Meet your Facilitator!

A writer, nomad and lifelong horsewoman, Kera Willis received her Facilitator of Equine Experiential Learning Certificate from Horse Spirit Connections in 2010, and in 2013 completed an intensive apprenticeship in Horse Boy Method, a form of therapeutic riding specific to Autism and other neurological disorders.

Working under the name Mountain Horse School, she combines a wide variety of traditional and cutting-edge equine modalities to create a truly unique, heart-centred and transformative experience in Squamish, BC, Canada.

For more information please visit www.mountainhorseschool.com


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