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Welcome to the
2015 Healing with Horses



Are You & the Horses the "Best Kept Secret"?
How to Embody a Powerful Professional Presence
that Attracts Your Ideal Clients


Schelli Whitehouse
of Equine Alchemy & The Equine Inspired Life

If your ideal clients can't find you, you can't create transformation.
Get ready to be DISCOVERED!

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Here's a Formula for Success:

Passionate Human(s) + Healthy Horse(s) + Perfect Client(s) = Transformation!

Where transformation = a thorough or dramatic change in form, appearance or thought.

Of course, you're drawn to this work because you desire to create transformation.

BUT, there’s NO transformation for the people who can’t find you!

This session is for you if you...

● Are already working as or striving to work as an equine assisted practitioner.

● Would like to be able to articulate what you do and who you do it for so others ‘get it’!

● Have room in your stable for a lot more ‘perfect clients’.

If you are an equine assisted practitioner (or becoming one), you have a unique ability to guideothers through a sacred journey to personal transformation. That is a valuable offering that many are seeking. There is a simple formula for aligning yourself with the people who are actually seeking the special brand of transformation you offer!

Join Schelli Whitehouse as she guides you through a simple formula for aligning with and connecting to your own unique message for transformation with horse!

Be sure to bring your journal & favorite pen because you are going to want to take notes!

Here’s what else you’re going to want to bring to this learning opportunity:

● A list of everything you are an expert at (or have a deep knowledge of) - with and without horses.

● A list of everything you love to do (even if you’re not great at it) - with and without horses.

You’ll discover the value of having these lists when we’re together.

You will also discover...

● Exactly WHO is already looking for you.

● How you can help them find you!

● The words that connect the soul of your work to the heart of your potential clients.

Your potential clients want to experience some form of change in their lives, to move from where they are now to where they want to be. You can help them do that through the wisdom of horse. But not if you are a ‘best kept secret’!

Remember: There is no transformation for the people who can’t find you! It's time to be FOUND!

Meet your Facilitator!

dfSchelli Whitehouse is a coach, consultant, facilitator, teacher and marketing maven for Equine Alchemy’s (ICF Accredited) Equine Assisted Coach Training programs and the soon to launch transformational equine assisted workshops and podcast titled, “This Evolutionary Life”!

Schelli believes in and practices Evolutionary Development Coaching. A philosophy based on the belief that we are spiritual beings having a human experience, and that our experience is integral to the greater whole. She believes that the positive growth of our personal life is a direct contribution to our community, and our collective consciousness. The more we (and our businesses) are in alignment with our own truth, the healthier and more dynamic all areas of our lives will be. Schelli is an advocate for the conscious experience of evolution, the ability to witness the development of The Next Highest Version of You!

One of the critical aspects of living a fully realized life is to understand and express our own unique essence. Schelli’s expertise is in guiding you to align with your own personal ‘brand’ of self expression.

Her background as a professional actor of 15 years and as an equine assisted coach and marketing consultant for the past 5 years, has given her a fluid connection to our human emotions and how powerfully influential they are to our personal and professional well-being. Schelli says that, “Tapping into your own emotional guidance system (EGS) gives us information and ‘tools’ for helping us to align with our greatest strengths and talents.” The horses are masters at helping us align with that guidance system. She combines this skill with evolutionary development coaching and consulting in a way that puts you in perfect alignment with what wants to happen next for you in your life and business.

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