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Boosting the Bond with Body Work
Integrating the Masterson Method of
Equine Body Work into
your Equine Facilitated Practice

Judy Weston Thompson

Discover the power of adding Equine Bodywork that supports
BOTH your clients & your horses towards transformation!  


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How often in your client work have you needed a way to still the mind, ground the body, and open the door for greater awareness?  Perhaps you've needed ways to help your clients connect more deeply with the horses?

What if you could engage your clients directly with the horse through touch?  

Even more, what if by leading them through specific exercises designed to release tension in the horse, in addition, you're able to release tension and stress in your client?  Increasing mindfulness and peaceful relaxation as well, all of which opens the doorway to that which most wants to be transformed, in the moment!


Join with Judy Weston Thompson to discover an innovative approach to integrating equine bodywork into client sessions. Together, we'll explore:

~ The underlying principles of the Masterson Method of Equine Massage that makes it the perfect partner for transformative equine-facilitated work.

~ How working on the horse's body can create BIG shifts for the client's awareness, relaxation, mood & well-being.

~ How bodywork is a wonderful process for boosting the bond between client and horses, resulting in improved ability to relate with oneself and others.

~ How this method of equine body-work can keep your horses healthy and happy, empowering you to help them release any emotion or energy they pick up during sessions!

~ How to use traditional acupuncture meridians plus a 10 point program for teaching your clients how to engage with the horses in this powerful process!

~ How Giving Back to another being can create powerful doorways for healing for clients with many types of issues.

Even if you decide not to incorporate this work into your client sessions, you CAN apply it to your horses to help them release tension and emotions that they pick up during sessions! So join us to explore this innovative marriage between bodywork & equine-facilitated work that can offer a whole new level of healing to both your clients and your herd!


Meet your Facilitator!

Judy Weston-Thompson, is an Equine Facilitated Psychotherapist in California.

In 2006, following a challenging year of change, Judy found herself struggling with grief and loss. Spending time with her horses and riding, provided her with a path to healing. The more time she spent with them, the more she realized that her riding experience became secondary to her deep emotional connection with her horses. Experiencing her own healing bond with horses combined with her love of practicing psychotherapy seemed a natural combination.

However, good ideas take time to evolve. It was at this point that she began to study the field of EFP and all its components, including the nature of horses and their exquisite power to heal. It was helpful to experience owning several horses and learning unique lessons from each.

Judy’s Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy is a form of experiential psychotherapy involving the collaborative effort of a client and a horse being guided by a licensed psychotherapist/credentialed equine professional.  Combining several different types of psychotherapy treatments, (such as EMDR and CBT) with various horsemanship and horse related practices, (natural horsemanship, animal communication & Masterson Method of Horse Massage) Judy has developed her own unique treatment modality; a true partnership beneficial to both human and horse.

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