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In the Heart-Field with Horses
Activating the Power of Coherence to
Embody Presence, Awareness, & Intention

Lisa Walters

Discover one underlying reason why the horse work WORKS!


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Everyone’s had powerful, magical experiences with the horses. But why? How?

What is it really about the horses that opens the door to healing, to feeling so good, to tapping into wider, deeper knowings?

Science is starting to catch up with the mystics in exploring this very question and the answer seems to lie in the scientific concept of Coherence: that state where our brain waves match our heart waves.  

Join Lisa Walters, author of In the Field with Horses, to explore:

~ What are the benefits of coherence and how do the horses help us embody it?

~ The 7 Relational Behaviors of Horses and how engaging in these rituals with the horses naturally encourages coherence, opening the doorway for healing, insight, and growth

~ How actively engaging with Presence, Awareness, and Intention can empower your life and your sessions with horses

~ Some research findings about how the horse work works!

~ A guided exercise in Alpha breath, a pathway to presence and coherence

~ How to use the liberty work rituals of Saying Hello and Companion Walking to build your ability to get into and stay in Coherence

Join in to deepen your understanding of how all horse work REALLY works, so you can join with the horses in a natural way that EXPANDS human potential!

Meet your Facilitator!

Lisa Walters is a lifelong equestrian, business entrepreneur, and pioneer in the Equine Experiential Learning field. She is author of the book: In The Field With Horses, exploring the horse - human connection and founder / director of the EquuSatori Center in Sebastopol California.

She is also part of the core faculty for the Adventure In Awareness Internship Program in Tucson AZ and on the Board of Directors for the Equus United Foundation also in Tucson AZ. 

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