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Equine Assisted Belief Change (EABC)
Using Conscious Horsemanship to
Shift Subconscious Programming

Sandra Wallin

Discover how working with the Three Levels of Consciousness
can create lasting transformation!


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Learn Equine-Assisted Belief Change!

Join Sandra for training in EABC this year in Australia & Vancouver, BC!

More info: Conscious Horsemanship


More Info on this Session

How often in your sessions have you worked to help your client create change, but the change doesn't last?

That's because most of the time we are working with shifting the client on the conscious level. BUT, what's really driving long-standing issues is almost always found in the UNCONSCIOUS programming that lies outside of awareness!

When you have the knowledge to work with all THREE levels of consciousness, you'll be empowered to support your clients in making meaningful change that LASTS!

Join Sandra Wallin to explore her new, cutting-edge training in Conscious Horsemanship to discover:

~ How the Three Levels of Consciousness work together to create or block change!

~ How Affect Contagion creates stress for your horses, and how this approach can protect your herd from taking on unnecessary emotions and energy from client work

~ A useful guided experience to help you access the Subconscious, in the present moment, so change can take place

~ A simple exercise, On the Flip Side, which will help you begin re-programming the subconscious mind for what your client WANTS, instead of what she wants to avoid.

~ How symptoms can be carrying a message and once the message is accurately understood through this process, can easily disappear

~ A powerful demonstration of how partnering with the Epi-Conscious level can lead to the deepest level of change, quickly!

~Ways to integrate these understandings into your client sessions to best support your clients AND your horses in moving toward wellbeing


Learn Equine-Assisted Belief Change!

Join Sandra for training in EABC this year in Australia & Vancouver, BC!

More info: Conscious Horsemanship


Meet your Facilitator!

sdKnown as “The Mindset Mentor,” Sandra Wallin is a change agent, transformational teacher and sacred space holder. A passionate advocate for breaking free from limiting beliefs, Sandra is a potent ally and experienced guide for dream seekers who are ready to move beyond the status quo.

Her mentorship programs, belief change workshops, catalyzing seminars and new book offer inspiration and practical tips to help budding visionaries clarify their goals and harness the power of the subconscious mind to achieve personal and professional success, with their horses and beyond.
Sandra’s clients say she is a horse with tiger vision. She sees the big picture but at the same time, can focus in on the areas that need attention and growth.

Sandra is a lifelong learner with Bachelor’s Degrees in Science and Education and a Master’s Degree in Counselling Psychology. Her extensive background in consciousness studies and equine guided development have inspired invitations to teach and lecture around the world. Most notably, at a symposium for physicians who practice integrative medicine, alongside science and medicine icons Candace Pert, Norm Shealy and David Suzuki. Though she has studied with many great people, Sandra says her most influential teachers have been horses, whom she credits for taking her beyond her belief ceiling to a realm where all things are possible.

Sandra is a clinical counsellor, consultant and educator. She is a Horse Conscious Advisory Member, a trainer and Board Member for the National Association for Equine Facilitated Wellness, an international presenter and author. She lives on a little piece of heaven near Vancouver, Canada with her husband, their 2 daughters, 4 horses, 2 cats and a 200lb drooling mastiff.

Connect with her at: www.chironsway.com

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