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Equine Alchemy
The Magic of Turning Human Potential into Gold

through Equine Assisted Coaching


with Lisa Murrell


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Alchemy was the medieval attempts to convert base metals into gold.  It was a seemingly magical process of transformation.

Equine Alchemy is not far from these medieval attempts.  While not involving metals, the alchemy of working with horses aims to turn human potential into gold. 

How can we improve upon this ancient magic? 

Through the Alchemy of Equine Assisted Coaching, which involved the fundamental core competencies of coaching integrated with the magic of equine assisted learning.

At Equine Alchemy, we support the mystical process of alchemy with horses through the coaching process to include the practical aspects of transformation. 


Together we'll explore:

  • The differing skills sets of equine facilitation AND Equine Assisted Coaching and why it helps to be able to do both

  • The International Coach Federation’s Core Competencies and how they apply to Equine Assisted Coaching for maximum session impact

  • The 5 Key Success Areas of Equine Assisted Coaching that help build your practice, so you can earn a living doing the work you love!

There is such need for transformation in the world.  The recent evolution and popularity of working with horses confirms this.  The horses know it too and are always asking us to go deeper.  They are ready but we can’t expect them to do all of the work!  We need to step up to our part of the partnership!  We can support the work they are doing in a powerful way through Equine Assisted Coaching.

Come join us in learning the Coaching Basics to join them in the mystical process of Equine Alchemy!



Meet your Facilitator!

Lisa Murrell, founding partner of New York based MetaSystem Consulting Group, a consulting firm that began in Paris over 26 years ago, has spent the last 18 years working globally to help clients achieve breakthrough results in the areas of organization development as well as executive and team coaching.

She is also founder of Equine Alchemy, a ground breaking approach to leadership and coaching combining International Coach Federation Coaching with Equine Facilitated Learning.  Lisa has developed the only ICF Approved Coach Training Programming for Equine Assisted Coaching  in the world!!

She is a Professional Certified Coach from the International Coach Federation. She is also an Advanced Instructor for Eponaquest, an approach to Equine Facilitated Experiential Learning from Linda Kohanov. 

Lisa provides workshops and mentorships in New York, Raleigh, NC and New Mexico as well as globally online and privately. 

She has 4 loves in her life; horses, her husband, her daughter and divine grace.

Connect here: http://EquineAlchemy.com

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