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Welcome to the
2015 Healing with Horses


The Transformative Power of Sacred Space
Profound Facilitation for
Whole Horse Well Being & Empowered Change

with Lizzy Meyer of Whole Horse Consulting

Create a WHOLE-HORSE Partnership that empowers BOTH
your horses & your clients, for maximum benefit for ALL involved!


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More Info on this Session

If you are eager to discover a way to create powerful change for your clients, while ALSO
uplifting your horses through profound, whole-horse partnership, this session is for you!

Together we'll discover just how much more powerful sessions can be when your horse partners are balanced mentally, emotionally, and physically! Join Lizzy and learn how to create Sacred Sessions, where the horse comes first, so s/he can best offer the most transformative guidance for your clients.

You'll learn how to gain a horse-centered perspective and apply real-life techniques to keep your herd balanced, content, and free of energetic and physical burdens which prevent them from offering their best.


Many horses working in equine-assisted learning, healing, or therapy practices are stressed in some way.  Stressed horses are more likely to behave in an unsafe way, and surely stress interrupts their most effective offerings to clients!

In fact, the signs leading up to more obvious stressed-out behaviors often go un-noticed. Prey animals are great at compensating and masking how they feel in lieu of not drawing attention to themselves. If a horse is stressed, even in a “minimal” way, it has an affect on what the horse offers during the session, often yielding mediocre results for the client and facilitator, far from the best we can offer as a team.  

YOU have the ability to CHANGE this reality for your entire herd and your clients!

Join this EXTENDED TEACHING session to explore:

~ How to consider the 360 degree WHOLE, including the Lakota concept of "All My Relations" to develop a process that will REDUCE the risk of burnout and bring balance in every way to your herd. 

~ Ways to boost your awareness of what is negatively affecting your herd, so they can partner with you 100% for the benefit of your clients, without draining themselves.

~ An experience of what Sacred Space FEELS like PLUS, the top benefits of working in Sacred Space for you, your horses, and your clients.

~ A step by step process to create Sacred Space for every session so that the greatest and highest good is invited to evolve for all involved!

~ Specific Pre-Session & Post-Session Protocols that will enable your herd to function at peak levels for your clients, while uplifting the horses at the same time.

~ Ways to minimize equine stress and maximize client impact during your session time with the herd.

If you've ever had a sneaking suspicion that there was a "better way" to relate with your herd that most invited them to offer their deepest levels of guidance, this is the session for you! Ultimately, your horses will be able to give each session their all without any expense to their well-being!

Join in to discover all sorts of powerful ways to truly partner with your horses to uplift and empower all involved. The horses will THANK YOU!

Meet your Facilitator!

Lizzy Meyer brings a lifetime of experience working with horses and people. Lizzy is certified in Equinistic Healing through Equinisty and Liz Mitten Ryan, which allows horses to do energy healing with people. She's also worked as a vet technician, stable manager, and within the Equine-Assisted Learning and Therapeutic Riding field. Her work is based on building awareness of the connection humans share with horses and serves to anchor the experience that comes up for each person.

More about Lizzy:

I earned a Bachelor's degree in Biology from Sweet Briar College in 2003. I spent as much time at the Riding Center studying equine behavior and learning Natural Horsemanship as I did in the Biology department! I advanced through Level 3 of Parelli Natural Horsemanship working with horses donated to the program who were deemed "difficult." I became absolutely fascinated to learn why those horses had been given that label. It made me begin to question even the Natural Horsemanship approaches, and thus, I began to really learn the horse’s perspective and learning how they feel, instead of trying to teach the horse.

After 2003, the rest of my life became devoted to practicing sport horse management through the position of Stable Manager at Sweet Briar College. I was responsible for 55 hunter/jumpers, and then I was given an unexpected opportunity to apprentice with a holistic equine veterinary practice in ID and CA where I was exposed to acupuncture, chiropractic, essential oils, homeopathy, energy medicine.

For the next five years, I worked in Telluride, CO, managing horses on a private ranch. I had caught the bug and there was no turning back! My whole perspective had changed as to what was really best for horses and their health. I began to integrate more progressive ideas with my horses, including: whole food nutrition, energy work, barefoot trimming, herbs, and bodywork, and homeopathy.

Even though I'd worked in the vet field since 1992, I felt the hunger to learn more. In 2011, I graduated from Front Range Community College with an Associates degree in Veterinary Technology. I passed the National Board exam in 2012.

After I completed my degree I moved back to my hometown of Houston, TX, and began working for Laurie Baldwin, PhD, and her business partner, Beverly Walsh, PhD., at Red Dun Ranch, where their practice includes Equine Assisted Psychotherapy and Learning. I was invited to offer my expertise in equine behavior and co-facilitate equine therapy sessions as
the Equine Professional. As an advocate for the herd, my priority is always to ensure that the horses' are being honored in every way.

Two years after being involved with the more traditional model of Equine Assisted Therapy, I wanted to learn more about the horse's point of view and ways to maximize their potential as healers, teachers, and guides. I went to British Columbia and became an Equinistic Healing practitioner in 2013. I also am a public speaker at Equinsity workshops and am forever a student of the horse.

My business, Whole Horse Consulting, LLC was officially created in 2014 as a combination of my skills as a healer, an educator, and as a Sacred Space creator. It’s now a full-time endeavor to help horse owners and those practicing EAP/EAL, or other equine-related therapy to become empowered and fervent advocates for their horses’ health and well-being.

In my consultations, I teach energy balancing, environmental cleansing, stress-reducing techniques for horses, and provide education for those responsible for their care. My intention is to create Sacred Space for all horses in human relationships and to teach people to honor horses in supportive ways that increase their quality of life and longevity of career

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