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Peaceful Power:
Using Equus Coaching to Find the "Sweet Spot"
in Interpersonal Interactions


Beth Herman of
EBH Consulting LLC and EBH Equus Coaching

How successfully will ALL of your relationships flow
when you can
Lead Your Life from the Sweet Spot of Peaceful Power?


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Every time we show up in the world, we are faced with a choice of how we use our Leadership Power. We have the opportunity to choose our energy & actions from a continuum ranging from perhaps too soft & submissive to too hard & aggressive.

But, what what if we routinely embodied that sweet spot in the middle, where we can flow the Peaceful Power of Persuasion? Even better, what if we had the confidence to calibrate our energy to the perfect level for whatever the situation required?

At that point we would have the ability to consistently create win-win interactions that successful met the needs of everyone involved, horses included!

Join Beth Herman, to explore how to find this sweet spot of interpersonal power from the perspective of the Equus Coaching model. Together we'll:

~ Explore the Power Continuum to increase awareness of present patterns in both yourself and your clients

~ Experience a powerful exercise, the Somatic Scan, to discover how your level of personal power shows up in uncomfortable situations

~ Discuss how to use an Uncoached Round Pen experience to explore your client's current mode of interpersonal power

~ Work through common road blocks to engaging effective personal power through working with the horses

~ Experience a profound guided exercise in Loving Kindness to discover that place of Peaceful Power within

~ Discover how to coach a horse activity, The Leading Exercise, to help clients work through boundary issues that keep them from expressing their power successfully

~ Discuss ways to integrate session learnings into real life for lasting change!

Gift yourself with this session that offers wisdom on the most profound level: The way you show up, every single day! Leave with insights to apply to yourself as a facilitator, for your client's change process, and for your relationship with horses.


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Meet your Facilitator!

Beth Herman helps high achievers and change agents use their gifts to shape their world without exhausting themselves and those around them.  She shares with philanthropic organizations and corporate teams the benefits of 27 years’ success leading higher education fundraising campaigns; facilitating large, useful gifts; and developing effective boards and advancement teams. 

In 2010 she founded EBH Consulting LLC to provide consulting, training, and coaching services in educational fundraising, strategic talent management, board development, strategic planning, and leadership.
Beth is a personal and executive coach certified by Oprah’s Dr. Martha Beck, Koelle Simpson Inc., and The Leadership Circle (TLC.)  She facilitates TLC 360 assessments to help new and experienced leaders grow their creative competencies and understand the reactive tendencies that can limit their effectiveness and well-being.

A Certified Equus Coach™, Beth has always sought to support the distinctive talents of every living being she encounters.  (It started with jumping picnic tables, bareback, on ponies as a child.)  She find Equus Coaching to be the most efficient way to teach individuals and teams how to discover what they truly want, accurately read others’ feedback, recognize thoughts and habits that get them stuck, and share their own inspired, authentic leadership vision.
She was honored in 2001 with the Council for Advancement and Support of Education (CASE) Crystal Apple Award for Excellence in Teaching.  

A lifelong equestrian, Beth’s award-winning essays have been published in Equus magazine; Insight Travel Guides; CASE Currents; and Flying Changes, the Pacific Northwest Hunter/Jumper Magazine.  Her chapter, “Cascading Effects:  How Wise Talent Management Practices Can Cost Little, Yield Much” appears in Effective Measures:  The Return on Investing in Talent Management, Jon Derek Croteau, Ed.

In every interaction, Beth seeks the underlying story and helps clients find and live their truth. 

“Clear signals from a distance can work better than big moves up close when
motivating your herd.  Express your intention—then remove pressure.  Allow the
horse (or colleague or opportunity) the space to come to you.”

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