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On-Demand Intuition:
Activating Your Most Powerful
Relationship with Horses


Wendy Golding of
Horse Spirit Connections, Canada

How effective would your sessions be if
you could tune
into your deepest level of Guidance from the horses, any time, any place?


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In this insightful, experiential session, discover the horses' invitation to join with them on a deeper level so that we may co-facilitate even more profound changes for our clients! Wendy Golding is a much appreciated, veteran teacher with us and you'll soon see why!

Listen in to discover:

~ Why Activating your Intuition is the *single most important* facilitation skill needed right now

~ The Top 6 Ways that developing your intuition can improve the outcome of your sessions, immediately

~ The 4 Primary Forms of Intuition so you can identify which one(s) are your strongest gifts

~ The Focal Point for each type of intuition, so you know exactly how to use them to tune in

~ An Experiential Practice for each Intuitive Gift, so you can begin strengthening your abilities right away

~ An Activating & Accelerating Process, that you can use daily and in sessions, to heighten & hone your ability to receive on-demand insights that promote lasting change for yourself and your clients

~ Plus, during this session, you'll get to practice tuning into your intuition to receive your own personal message from one of Wendy's Healing Herd!

Join us for this powerful session, so that you create an even deeper, more rewarding, & more powerful facilitation bond with your horses. These practices have the power to change not only your sessions, but your whole life!

Meet your Facilitator!

brian reidWendy Golding weaves together her love of horses, spiritual healing and leadership while creating a sacred place where healing and learning takes place on all levels for horses and people alike.  Horses respond to the special energy found at her farm and fulfill their potential as teachers. They are treated as equal partners in a beautiful dance of healing where people find a deeper connection to their hearts and authentic selves.

Being passionate about horses all her life, Wendy took up riding again in her thirties and joined the Governor General’s Horse Guards in Toronto, where she participated in the precision riding of military parades and the grace of musical rides. She loved the thrill of galloping down a field, sword at the ready, piercing a target and raising it high in triumph!  Wendy went on to play the noble sport of polo, experiencing that incredible trust that exists between horse and rider, in mutual partnership. 

After a bad fall and serious injury to her neck, Wendy sought another way to express her passion for life and stay connected to horses.  Shamanism was part of the answer. Wendy learned the interconnectedness of all things and a way of seeing from the heart for the purpose of accessing spiritual guidance.  After studying with inspirational teachers for twelve years, Wendy is a Shamanic Coach and Practitioner, guiding others in fostering a deeper connection and relationship with nature and self.

Combining this healing modality with the wisdom of the horse opened a new world.  Wendy was thrilled to discover the Epona Approach and Linda Kohanov.  After experiencing first hand the powerful teachings from Linda and Kathleen Ingram, she knew that this was the magic she wanted to provide the world. Becoming an Epona Instructor she initiated a life long journey of service and joy.

Many thanks and gratitude goes to her life and business partner Andre, who has provided unstinting support on her journey. Together they founded Horse Spirit Connections located outside Toronto, Canada.
This not-for-profit corporation supports Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning (FEEL) services and programs including transformational personal development workshops for people of all ages, and the Spirit of Leadership program for organizations and corporations.  We are honoured to provide a six month FEEL Facilitator Certification training program.  This training program is ideal for coaches, educators, facilitators, equestrians, therapists, and other individuals who are looking for practical training and experience in developing FEEL programs where the horse is valued for their role as a therapist and teacher.  

New this year we are offering our two year Wisdom Circle program for individuals seeking truth in the mystery of life.  It offers an opportunity to expand personal potential through the ancient teachings, ceremonies, and healing practices passed down from the wisdom of the indigenous peoples of North and Central America together with the powerful medicine of horses.

Please connect with Wendy by visiting: http://horsespiritconnections.com


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