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Build the New Story
Empowering the Four Levels of Self with Horses

Trish Broersma

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Join with Trish Broersma, equine facilitator and author of Riding Into Your Mythic Life: Transformational Adventures with the Horse, to explore how to work with horses to empower the Four Levels of Self. You’ll discover powerful ways to play with each level of Self as you move your clients towards transformation.

Together, we’ll discover:

~ How the horses have a unique ability to partner with people to expand all four levels

~ A simple, yet profound activityLean On Me, to use as a session opener, which will create Presence, Awareness, Community, and much, much more!

~ A powerful method to develop the Imaginal Body, so that clients discover access to powerful brain/mind tools to strengthen their Inner Wisdom 

~ How the effective use of the Hero’s Journey offers clients a transformative map to create a bridge from the old story of struggle to a new story of opportunity & adventure

~ Ways to harness the Four Aspects of the Heart Center to secure a vital foundation for in-depth creation of a new story, with the help of the horse’s heart energy

~ How using Liberty Work with horses creates an optimal environment to experience all of the above, while developing the capacity for real relationships that transform both partners!

Join in to feel the power of the mythic nature of horses to create lasting change in the human condition, and conversely how that process benefits horses, as well! Then come along to Denver in May, 2015 where Trish will be sharing her wisdom LIVE at the 2015 Healing with Horse Symposium! Enjoy her one-day pre-conference workshop to learn even more. 


Meet your Facilitator!

Trish Broersma has been a therapeutic riding professional since 1988. She spent eleven years developing and conducting an innovative equine assisted learning program in human development for at risk teens and adults in transition, published in 2007 by New World Library in Riding into Your Mythic Life: Transformational Adventures with the Horse.

Since then her work has focused on deepening the horse/human relationship for global purposes, with an emphasis on body-based modalities, the power of story, and liberty training with horses for eliciting their willingness, wisdom, and enthusiasm for interactions with people.

She founded and operated two PATH Premier Accredited Centers, in San Antonio, TX, and Ashland, OR. She is a certified PATH Therapeutic Riding Instructor, a certified PATH Equine Specialist, and a faculty member for the PATH Equine Specialist Certification Program. She is past president of the Equine Facilitated Mental Health Association, and is currently serving on the PATH Equine Welfare Committee. She has presented at Prescott Best Practices conference, Horse Power, PATH national and regional conferences, EGEA conferences and at Equitana Melbourne, Australia. Her articles are published in Practical Horseman and Dressage Today.  

She holds a Master of Arts in English Language and Literature from the University of Michigan, with post graduate work in international community development with the Institute of Cultural Affairs, and 25 years association with Jean Houston of the Foundation for Mind Research and Peggy Rubin of the Center for Sacred Theatre.

She conducts Journey Horse, modern day vision quests exploring the power of the horse/human connection, in the US and Australia, as well as trainings in this process for professionals. In fall of 2013, she established Riding Beyond in Ashland OR, for women recovering from the effects of breast cancer treatment.  See ridingbeyond.org and trishbroersma.com for more.  Like the Facebook pages for Trish Broersma and Riding Beyond.

“In recent years, my work has become increasingly focused on a radical, heartful partnership between horses and humans for the benefit of creating a viable future for our world. In these times of upheaval and change, horses are stepping into a new role in the community of mankind to assist us in this vital task. It is a mutual evolutionary journey. I deeply enjoy helping people discover how the mythic power of horses can lead them into their own uncharted mythic life, launching them with refreshed vigor, new sources of energy, and creativity for the life they have always yearned for. With rich and respectful horse/human relationships we can wisely restructure our lives to be more fully available to restructure our world in more just, verdant and peaceful directions.” 

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