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2014 Healing with Horses
*Festival & Symposium*

May 16-18, 2014
SE Denver, CO


*A Small-Group Experiential Activity*


Design Your Signature Service
How to Create Your Personal Wealth Formula
with the Help of Horses!

with Schelli Whitehouse ~ TheEquineInspiredLife.com

This session is for you IF:

~ You’ve been struggling with an ‘identity’ crisis and you’re not sure how to explain what to offer.

~ You don’t have a tailor designed program you offer a specific group of people. (At least one!)

~ You are wondering how to monetize your programs and services in a way that supports you and your herd!

~ You'd like to be able to showcase your expertise in a way that potential clients “Get it!”

During our time together, Schelli will guide you through a creative design process that will actually ‘reveal’ your Signature Service as you go through the experience.

In this 4 Part experience you will:

~ Connect with your own personal VISION for the next highest version of your service to others (with and without horses).

~ Journey the path of transformation your clients’ experience when they work with you.

~ Discover your own unique ‘SIGNATURE’ for the way you help others move from where they to where they want to be!

~ Experientially engage with the horse coaches in a way that will help you tweak, validate and anchor your unique ‘signature’.

Why does anyone need a Signature Service?

You may already be operating within a signature service of sorts and not even realize it!

Yet when we create a specific template for what it is we have to offer, it gives our customers and clients an opportunity to instantly connect with that offer and how we may ‘fix’ their problem or enhance their world with our expertise.

This doesn’t mean that you are limited to only offering a specific service or scope of work (for you multi-faceted individuals) it simply means that you have an expertise to share and specific way of delivering that expertise to best serve a specific clientele.

By the end of this workshop you will have a clear understanding of the ‘processes for developing your Signature Service as well as an outline for your own “personal wealth formula”!

Your personal wealth formula comes from developing your expertise through a comprehensive list of ideas on how to monetize and deliver your Signature Service.

*A hand-out of ideas to implement your Signature Service will be provided at the end of the session.

This workshop is not for you IF:

~ You already make more money than you know what to do with through your programs and services.

~ You spend more time happily serving clients (with and/or without horses) than trying to figure out how to get more clients.

~ You are not a soulful service provider, and never plan to be one.

If the above bullet points don’t apply to you, then join us for this workshop now and discover how to connect with your ideal client through you own unique Signature Service!

Meet your Facilitator!

Schelli Whitehouse is a practitioner of Evolutionary Development Coaching.

It’s her own philosophy based on the belief that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. And that our experience is integral to the greater whole. She believes that the positive growth of our personal life is a direct contribution to our community, and our collective consciousness. The more we (and our businesses) are in alignment with our own truth, the healthier and more dynamic all areas of our lives will be. Schelli is an advocate for the conscious experience of evolution, the ability to witness the development of The Next Highest Version of You!

One of the critical aspects of living a fully realized life is to understand and express our own unique essence. Schelli’s expertise is in guiding you to align with your own personal ‘brand’ of self expression.

Her background as a professional actor of 15 years and as an equine assisted coach and marketing consultant for the past 4 years, has given her a fluid connection to our human emotions and how powerfully influential they are to our personal and professional well-being. Schelli says that, “Tapping into your own emotional guidance system (EGS) gives us information and ‘tools’ for helping us to align with our greatest strengths and talents.” She combines this skill with evolutionary development coaching and consulting in a way that puts you in perfect alignment with what wants to happen next for you in your life and business.

A unique aspect of Schelli’s practice (for in-person clients) is the engagement of horses for ‘on the ground only’ experiential reflection.

The horses are incorporated into lessons that demonstrate and reflect the client’s hidden emotions, body awareness, communication strengths and weaknesses and a host of other unconscious habits that prevent the client or team from relating to their work or life in an authentic way.
As a professional Equine Assisted Coach and facilitator, Schelli incorporate the wisdom of the horse as an experiential learning component during private individual sessions, group live retreats and via phone or Skype (without the horse of course!)

In March of this year Schelli also joined the faculty of EquineAlchemy.com as a co-facilitator and teacher of the Equine Assisted Coach Training course based on the International Coach Federation (ICF) core competence credentialing criteria and the Epona Approach of equine facilitation founded by Linda Kohonav and Kathleen Barry Ingram.

You can receive more information by calling: 919-608-7475

Or visit: http://TheEquineInspiredLife.com or http://EquineAlchemy.com

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