Expanding the Healing Power of the Horse * Human Heart Connection!

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2014 Healing with Horses
*Festival & Symposium*

May 16-18, 2014
SE Denver, CO


*A Whole-Group Equine DEMO Facilitation*

Creating Quantum Shifts To Affect Your Entire Lifestream
Inviting All That Is to Flow Through You
using Sensory Awareness

with Kerri Lake

Discover how it Feels to Embody & Embrace the Higher Aspects of YOU!

When you Iintegrate your higher levels through your physical body and let creator consciousness integrate with you, you have accessibility to tools, awareness, consciousness and creation that is truly unlimited!

This is going beyond what the mind thinks it knows and will invite you to remember who you truly are.

You have the innate ability to step beyond time and space, even beyond “the present moment,” to re-generate your physical world, your interactions, your creations and your whole lifestream.

When you point your awareness to the often unfamiliar communication of your own body, you are tapping into your innate connection with All-That-Is. Subtle energy communication, whether it’s from humans, horses, weather or past-lives will necessarily move through your body before you become aware of it.

Are you listening for something outside of your body? Or are you listening to the music of YOUR own instrument?

Often as we go through life, we build up barriers to our own sensory input: emotional barriers, mental barriers and spiritual barriers become lodged in our body, often to the extent that we don’t even know they exist.

This session will walk you through an exercise that requires activation of your sensory awareness through your own body in order to assist and facilitate the sensory awareness of another.The result is a conscious experience of clarity that requires no labels and creates an integrated shift in both people.

The horses assist and facilitate with their presence and their communication input. And when a horse participates by carrying a person, the horse’s motion facilitates almost immediate physical integration of energetic shifts created through this exercise.

Together, we'll exlore:

~ Exercises to tune your awareness

~ Facilitation to be free of doubts

~ Interactions with horses to invite communication

~ Guidance for how to apply this in your personal and professional settings

~ Guidance for how to assist horses through these sorts of exercises

Join us for this rich exchange to expand your perspectives, tune your awareness to your body’s communication and experience the heart of connection and relationships!

Note: Kerri Lake will also be available for 1-1 sessions while in CO for the Symposium. Please contact her directly to schedule a time. kerri@kerrilake.com 925-389-0099

Meet your Facilitator!

sdKerri Lake was aware of her connection with animals, communicating and doing energy work as early as age 3. By age 12 horses helped her realize she could no longer pretend she was just like the other kids. The guiding force in her training with horses, spanning various disciplines and breeds, was, "Where are all of these people teaching the same thing? What is it that everyone is trying to get at?" 
Her unique journey through life has included university, professional directorship, managing animal facilities, healing, rescuing, recovering from rescuing, and life-long communication with divine wisdom. Her expression is unique, integrated and heart-based.

She speaks with relevance to people who are equine professionals as easily as people who have horses in their lives as friends or family members - no situation, discipline or level of awareness is excluded. She is here to assist you to experience the greatest, richest interactions and relationships with the horses in your life, all other animals, and the people as well. 
Kerri’s clients are people: therapists, professionals, lovers, authors, business owners, heads of foundations, artists, healers, practitioners, real estate agents, teachers, men, women, and young people serving humanity, animals, beings on all dimensions of consciousness, and those who are ready to step fully into all that they are.

More info and testimonials at www.kerrilake.com, where you'll also find her book:
Listen Like a Horse: Relationships Without Dominance.

Visit the FB page for Listen Like A Horse: Relationships Without Dominance at  www.facebook.com/listenlikeahorse
Join Kerri's retreat at Liz Mitten Ryan's Ranch in BC, Canada in July 2-9, 2014: equinisity.com

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