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2014 Healing with Horses
*Festival & Symposium*

May 16-18, 2014
SE Denver, CO


*A Small-Group Experiential Activity*

Using Mounted Work to
Enhance Awareness & Affect Regulation

5 Phases to Widening the Window of Wellness

with Nina Elkholm Fry,
Director of Equine-Assisted Mental Health
at Prescott College

Discover Unique Practices on Horseback that can
Expand & Empower your Equine Practice!

In Europe a HUGE percentage of equine-assisted work is done mounted! Join Finland-native Nina Elkholm Fry of Prescott College to explore how mounted activities can enhance the effect of exercises designed to promote inner awareness and the ability to regulate emotion.

During this small group session, you’ll discover:

~ Why improving our client’s ability to self-regulate arousal and emotion is a key factor in promoting wellness

~ How to increase a client’s Window of Tolerance so that they lessen their experience of either chaos or rigidity in response to triggering experiences, improving their ability to respond with effective flexibility in more situations

~ How mounted activities are effective in bringing unconscious processes into consciousness, increasing client’s ability to make adaptive choices

~ A valuable 5-phase equine session sequence that invites client to experience wellness on the back of a horse

~ 3 Mounted Positions you can use to help clients access & anchor a soothing, supportive response

~ A guided Breathing Exercise that can be used, on and off horseback, to return to the Window of Tolerance when triggered

~ A guided experience of a Pendulation Activity that can improve a client’s ability to explore painful and traumatic experiences while remaining in the Window of Tolerance, improving a sense of safety and emotional mastery

~ Ways to safeguard equine welfare during mounted work

~ A powerful way to close equine sessions that strengthens both self-awareness and self-advocacy skills

Join us to explore the powerful effects of including mounted work in your equine-assisted practice!

This Topic was Part of the 2014 Tele-Summit!

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About the Expert Equine Facilitator

sdNina Ekholm Fry is Associate Professor of Counseling Psychology and Director of Equine-Assisted Mental Health at Prescott College in Arizona, USA.

She is an executive board member of the Certification Board for Equine Interaction Professionals (CBEIP) and trained in a number of equine-assisted methods.

A Finnish native, Nina is active in the equine-assisted field nationally and internationally. She is the editor of the Scientific and Educational Journal of Therapeutic Riding, published by the Federation of Horses in Education and Therapy International (HETI).

Nina’s equine-assisted passions are professional standards and training, especially curriculum development; equine welfare; research; and ethics.  In addition to client work and teaching, Nina conducts equine-assisted facilitation workshops on a regular basis. She is a certified riding instructor, dedicated to classical equitation, and member of the Equine Research Network (EqRN). 

Please connect at: nfry@prescott.edu

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