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2014 Healing with Horses
*Festival & Symposium*

May 16-18, 2014
SE Denver, CO


*A POST-Symposium 4-Day Coach Training & Certification*

THU-SUN, May 22nd-25th, 2014

* Please note that this training does NOT include horses.

mBIT Coach Certification


with Cheryl Cruttenden
founder of Windhorse Wisdom, 
Body Mind Breath Coaching & mBraining With Horses


For the first time in the US!

Get certified in a powerful new Coaching Model for aligning with the Highest Expressions of your three brains- the Head, Heart & Gut!

By working with these Multiple Brain Integration Techniques you'll discover Coaching Processes for Generative Learning & Emergent Wisdom which open new pathways of positive possibility for yourself & your clients!

View the PDF brochure for more details and registration instructions.


$1545-1995, depending on when you register. Register early for discounts!
$40, extra for daily lunch

Meet your Facilitator!

Cheryl Cruttenden lives in Australia and grew up with horses. She has an extensive background in teaching riding, horsemanship and experiential education and holds a Bachelor of Arts in leadership, management and adventure education.

With training in a number of equine learning models, she is passionate about her ongoing learning in the field of horse and serving others in their personal evolution through nature based activities that partner humans and horses.

Cheryl believes that integration and alignment of our multiple brains promotes harmony, balance and congruence, which is at the core of our well-being and personal evolution. She facilitates coaching and training programs in personal and professional development and leadership, along with Embodied Horsemanship programs for equestrians, which incorporates somatics and concepts and practices from her training in mindfulness meditation and Taiji.

She is a coach and trainer in Multiple Brain Integration Techniques, a certified Master Mind Executive coach, Matrix Therapeutic Coach and Archetypal Coach. 

She is co-founder with Cindy Jacobs at the Center for Equine Experiential Learning in Australia and along with her herd of 15 horses, conducts equine facilitator training that specialises in coaching and learning with horses. This training incorporates principles from interpersonal neurobiology, along with continually updated research findings from neuroscience and behavioural modelling. 

She weaves in concepts and practices from her additional studies in Somatics and embodied leadership, Body Mind Spirit and Presence Based coaching methods, along with practices and concepts from 30 years of Taiji practice.

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