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2014 Healing with Horses
*Festival & Symposium*

May 16-18, 2014
SE Denver, CO


*A Small-Group Experiential Activity*

A Path to Forgiveness and Gratitude

Creating Sacred Ceremony with the Horse
using the Smudge and Labyrinth

with Sarah Charuk

Ready to generate self- forgiveness?  Open to making gratitude your way of life? 
Discover how the Sacred Smudge Ceremony with Horses can be your Path!

So many of us want peace and tranquility in our lives, yet we are filled with feelings of self loathing, guilt and not being “good enough” or “having enough”. 

The foundation of spirituality is gratitude and forgiveness.  Without these two components we cannot reach that peace that we are so desperately seeking.  Living a life of gratitude will allow us to experience joy no matter what each day brings!

By being mindful, opening our heart, and using the sacred Native American smudge ceremony we will move into a place where we are able to feel all senses, especially our 6th sense; one of intuition.

The smudge is a type of meditation which opens our heart and heightens all of our senses, much like the horse’s effect. They powerfully complement one another.  

Next we will partner with our horse companion to assist us in reaching a state of forgiveness for ourselves.  Giving to our self the forgiveness we would equally give to our horse partner. 

The horse is the expert on this as they are attuned to all senses and the expert on forgiveness. Their intuition being an intrinsic part of their survival, they have no agenda; they act upon it without thinking. If we are genuine in our intention the horse will respond accordingly, they live in the now.  This is where miracles occur meaning a shift in our perception from head to heart.

Joining together with the horses:

  • You'll experience a one-on-one connection with your horse partner, letting them be the reflective guide to your authentic self.

  • You'll have the opportunity to express what you'd like to forgive within themselves and release to your horse companion.

  • You'll explore the powerful sacred Native American smudge ceremony!

  • You'll learn how to use the ceremony of the smudge to calm your mind (mindfulness) and heighten your senses so you and your horse can communicate in synch.

  • You'll discover ways to practice gratitude in your everyday life and say “Thank You” for what you have even if it is “meager”!

Join us in the powerful experience of the sacred Native American smudge ceremony that you can use in your daily life and as a horse facilitator!

Meet your Facilitator!

Sarah Charuk is a very blessed woman who was raised in a family of love and compassion.  I believe because I was surrounded with so much love, I have been able to extend that gift to others.  I have been privileged with being a wife and a mother to 3 sons.  

I am a social worker and have incorporated the native culture in my work as a healing tool.  I try to carry on the legacy my Cree Grandmother and mother gave to me.  They stand on my sides and push me forward carrying a message of love “Teach only love for that is what we are." 

I currently have focused my energy on a program I have created called T.E.W.A  (Together Everyone Will Awaken) after my beloved horse and teacher, where I combine the healing power of horses with spirituality on my ranch called Desert Awakenings in the beautiful Sonoran desert in Phoenix, Arizona.

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