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2014 Healing with Horses
*Festival & Symposium*

May 16-18, 2014
SE Denver, CO


*A Small-Group Experiential Activity*

Sky of Mind, The Horse Speaks!
Leaning into your Intuitive Gifts with Horse as Teacher, Healer and Guide

with Linda-Ann Bowling,
of Unbridling Your Brilliance


Have you ever wondered how to tap into your own intuition and
to learn the language of the heart of horse?

Imagine the power of being able to get out of the way, and allow the true voice of horse to speak “through” you.  What possibility will that create in your clients, and what way of being will it create in you?

Sometimes as facilitators in this work, we can get wrapped up in the “doing” versus the “being” and we begin to orchestrate what we believe “should” happen.  We take the reins so to speak and a degree of artificiality and imposed wanting sets in versus truly allowing the horses to speak through us. 

We have to be able to move into a space and place within ourselves where we undeniably “believe” in horse and the gifts they have to offer us.  And then we have to allow them to be able to do this.  The most powerful and magical moments happen when we come from a place of authenticity and beginner’s mind.

In this heart-filled session, we will explore some simple practices that will allow you to embrace reflection, and stillness, and learn how to ask deep listening questions, questions that come from the heart, questions that touch the soul of your clients.  Staying with wonderment, curiosity and not knowing is one of the most powerful gifts we can give our clients. Remember they have the answers within them.

This session will teach you:

  • The practices of stillness and reflection so that you can teach others how to drop down inside themselves and find their sense of authenticity and true self

  • Heart connection, and connection to the wisdom of the body to discover self-healing

  • Gentle, non-invasive ways to be with horse in conversations from the heart

Join us as we experience and explore heart-connection, intuition, deep inner wisdom and the power of the body to inform our healing using simple yet powerful practices that will provide transformational shifts, and the answers to the real questions that want to be asked. 

Listening, allowing, allowing and allowing until we have busted our own stories that pave the way for our authentic selves to emerge;  standing naked before horse as they gently bring us to our own inner wisdom, and the gift of intuition.

Meet your Facilitator!

Linda-Ann Bowling, CPC, CRC is an award-winning Master Coach, International Speaker, Intuitive and Empathic Healer & Facilitator who specializes in Horse Guided Coaching & Learning. As a survivor of trauma and abuse, she is a passionate advocate for women and youth, and people from all walks of life who seek their higher power.

Linda-Ann is a strong community advocate and offers her services to a variety of individuals and organizations.  When she is not with the horses in workshops or client sessions, Linda-Ann can be found in the corporate boardroom teaching authentic leadership, collaborative teamwork and a variety of communication and conflict resolution skills. 

Her transformational Heart-Mind Coaching Method™ uses a unique approach, and addresses the areas of:

  • language - how we hold conversations and coordinate action with each other
  • emotions - what they are, the messages behind them and how we can allow them to flow more naturally
  • mood - conversation produces a "way of being" in the world; we can shift our moods and create new possibilities
  • body - learning happens in the body; movement, posture and gestures say a great deal about how we observe the world and what action we take

Linda-Ann is certified in the following programs:

  • Conflict Resolution & Negotiation (Justice Institute of BC www.jibc.bc.ca)
  • Ontological Coaching (the Newfield Network www.newfieldnetwork.com )
  • The Coaching Clinic (Corporate Coach University www.ccui.com )
  • Insights Discovery™ (Insights North America www.insightsworld.com)
  • William Bridges - Leading Transitions (William Bridges & Associates)
  • ProSci – Change Management
  • Money, Marketing and Soul Coach Certification© Kendall Summerhawk

Linda-Ann received her training in Equine Guided Learning through the Adventures in Awareness program with Barbara Rector.  (www.adventuresinawareness.net) She graduated with honours.

Linda-Ann has also completed the following equine programs:

Linda-Ann is also the author and creator of Soul Spa™, 7 essential life practices developed specifically for women in business (www.soulspa.ca).   She has also served as a mentor and coach for the Minerva Foundation program Women Helping Women Work.  She has presented at various conferences both locally, nationally and internationally and has been published in magazines and other publications.  Linda-Ann has served on the teaching faculty of the Justice Institute of British Columbia and the University of British Columbia.

Linda-Ann was also featured in Waking Up The West Coast, Healers and Visionaries.  As well she is a featured writer in The Future is Mine, Supporting the Adult Burn Community in New Beginnings.  She is also a contributing author to Horse As Teacher, The Path To Relationship which chronicles the significance of her journey with the horses as a trauma and abuse survivor.   Linda-Ann has been featured in a variety of business and community publications for her leading edge work with the Horses Helping Humans Heal program and her Leadership and the Way of the Horse.  Shaw Cable 4 and CTV filmed her work with the horses and women healing from Breast Cancer, and most recently a segment on Horses in Langley, BC.

Please connect at: www.UnbridlingYourBrilliance.com


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