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2014 Healing with Horses
*Festival & Symposium*

May 16-18, 2014
SE Denver, CO


*A Small-Group Experiential Activity*

R.E.A.L. Principles for Mutual Connection

Using the Science & the Soul of the Horse Human Social Bond
to Improve All Aspects of Your Facilitation & Equine Connections

with Drea Bowen

Learn how to use the R.E.A.L. Principles in every aspect of your work with
horses & with clients to honor the emotional and psychological aspects of your herd
for the benefit of your clients!


Explore why Drea gets consistent feedback that her ability to relate to the horses and how she can hold the space for the herd in a way that creates a rich mutually beneficial environment is something very special. It is palpable and this enriches the healing environment for every being present.

You can do this too!

R.E.A.L. is a set of principles that not only takes into account our deep attraction and heart connection to horses but also the science behind our social bond biology and why it is so important for the field of experiential learning and therapy practitioners to take this information to heart to improve not only the welfare of our horses but also the outcomes for our clients.

  • Have you ever felt stuck not knowing how to support a horse in your healing herd who is suffering from a stress stereotypie (cribbing, weaving, dissociating, separation anxiety)?

    ~ Were you taught to use those stereotypies to create an emotional experience for your client?
    ~ Are worried you may not be able to make it work with a particular horse?
    ~ Are you becoming desensitized to the emotional challenges that are evident in their behavior?

  • Do you feel that sometimes there is a disconnect between the outcome you want for your client and your concern about how that is affecting your horse session after session?

  • What happens when you are in the middle of a session and you get a strong sense that your horse is struggling to compensate for your client’s challenges?

    ~ How do you know when to step in on your horse’s behalf?
    ~ And if you do, how do you make that seamless for the client?

  • Do you find yourself questioning the dominance hierarchy theory (A bosses everyone, B bosses C and below and so on)?  

    ~ Do you question the idea that our experiences with horses are based on the ideas and behaviors around us being seen as predators in their prey animal perspective?

If questions like these have been cropping up in your awareness, this session is for you! You'll discover what the biologists and ethologists have learned from their research on social bond behavior and how that validates what your heart may be telling you.

You'll get a chance to explore:

  • What is your belief system around aggression, dominance, manners, empathy and sympathy and what impact are those beliefs having on your desire to create enduring social bonds with the horses you work with?

  • When you work with horses that are not known personally to you, how can you quickly assess the horses, adjust your “usual” plan and proceed with confidence that the horses and clients will have mutually beneficial experiences?

  • Do you feel confident in determining whether liberty or in hand work is best for your horse based on the factors of a session? Can you move confidently from one context to another?

Join in to be inspired by Drea’s passion for mutual connection in our work with horses. And leave with a whole new perspective on how to truly PARTNER with horses for everyone's mutual benefit!

Meet your Facilitator!

Drea Bowen is a board certified life and business coach, certified HEAL (Human Equine Alliance for Learning) trainer and life long student of nature, most passionately, the horse.

When she is not traveling to speak or teach, home base is Washington state where she operates her busy coaching,
equine experiential learning, and R.E.A.L. Principles for Mutual Horse Human Connection consulting business. She lives with her husband, 9 horses and a variety of other 4 leggeds.   

Please connect with her at:




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