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2014 Healing with Horses
*Festival & Symposium*

May 16-18, 2014
SE Denver, CO


*A Small-Group Experiential Activity*

The Hero’s Journey with Horses
Making Mythic Meaning of Life's Challenges

with Lynn Baskfield,
of SpriritDance Coaching

Will you BE the HERO of your life?

When facing challenges, obstacles, or transitions, it’s easy to feel like life is a battle filled with struggles or that you are powerless to change difficult circumstances. However, you can create new meaning and open up positive possibilities through a powerful shift in perspective.

It all begins with a simple question: What if you were the hero of your own mythic adventure?

Join equine facilitator Lynn Baskfield of Spirit Dance Coaching to discover how to apply the archetypal concept of the Hero’s Journey to your work with horses. See how this approach creates profound shifts for clients facing all types of life challenges.

In this small group activity you will both learn about and experience a guided Hero's Journey with horses.

Together, we'll explore:

~ How using the framework of the Hero’s Journey helps clients to positively alter their perceptions of themselves and their situations, leading to greater meaning & empowerment.

~ The power of inviting clients to discover their own heart-felt courage to transform their experiences from struggle to adventure.

~ The typical stages of a Hero’s Journey which provide a general, yet universal map for creating meaning, purpose, and perseverance as you move through challenges.

~ An easy-to-use, but profound Hero’s Journey equine activity. With it your clients will discover inner strengths and resources to transform obstacles in their lives.

~ A guided experience of the Hero’s Journey with horses that you can use yourself or offer to clients.  

~ Ideas on how to facilitate the Hero’s Journey so you can employ it in your own EAP/EAL practice!
Gift yourself with this session to empower both self and clients to embrace the mythic adventure that is life!

Enjoy More In-Depth Training in the Hero's Journey!

Join Lynn for her 1-day POST-Symposium workshop
and boost your Hero's Journey facilitation skills!

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Meet your Facilitator!

sdLynn Baskfield coaches women midlife and beyond as they redefine beauty, passion and purpose in the second half of life.  She guides her clients through rites of passage with storytelling, writing, creative expression, ritual, retreats, nature and very centrally, the wisdom of horses. A lifelong horsewoman, she partners with horses to evoke insights and learning that her clients cannot get by thinking, reading or talking only.  It is Lynn's experience  is that when her clients connect with themselves through the horses, confidence, joy and creative solutions emerge quite naturally.

Lynn holds an M.A in Human Development and is a certified life coach, transformational educator and the author of two books. Her company, SpiritDance, has been in existence for over 14 years. During that time, she also co-owned Wisdom Horse Coaching. Lynn has trained with Coaches Training Institute, EAGALA, and Ariana Strozzi’s Equine Guided Coaching program. She speaks, coaches and trains worldwide.

Please visit her at SpiritDance: http://www.equinecoaching.com


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