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NEW! Spiritual Healing with Horse
*Tele-Teaching* Series

More and more people all over the planet are Awakening to the Unseen Energies that horses are offering people to help them Heal & Transform!

These Spiritual & Energetic forms of Healing are one of the ways that horses EXCEL at helping humans Shift and Change.

If you have a deep desire to Partner with the Soul & Spirit of Horse
to help Uplift & Empower Humans,
then this 5-week Tele-Teaching Series is just for you!

Enjoy one or all sessions.


This Autumn, we've gathered 5 Expert Equine Facilitators to offer you innovative ways to partner with horses to create powerful energetic & spiritual healing that creates real results.

Each weekly, 1.5 hour, live & recorded session is designed as an experiential teaching session so that you walk away with BOTH a powerful personal experience, AND a new process or tool to apply to your healing with work with horses.

I'm THRILLED to offer this innovative new learning opportunity, because there is
NO WHERE ELSE IN THE WORLD, where you can:

Gather virtually,

~ From the low cost, comfort and convienence of home,

~ To learn these UNIQUE & powerful spiritual perspectives on partnering with horses,

~ Where you can join LIVE or listen to the recording,

~ AND, have the flexibility to enjoy ONE or ALL sessions!


Even sweeter, to celebrate this wonderful NEW learning opportunity, we're having 2 special FREE calls featuring several other totally fresh and cutting edge offerings that can expand and empower your practice with horses. 

So, if you long to go deeper into partnering with the Soul & Spirit of horses to Empower Humanity, I invite you to join us for some Epic Equine Alchemy this Autumn! Let's transform dark into light together with horses this year! 

Listen in to 2 FREE
Spiritual Celebration Calls!

*Equine Energy Attunements*
Helping Your Horses THRIVE as Healers

Pamela Allen-LeBlanc

Listen to the RECORDING Here


*The Alchemy of Equine Astrology*
Exploring Your Equine Partner's Healing Gifts

Samantha Marshall

of Equine Astrology

Listen to the RECORDING Here

About the 5 Tele-Teaching Sessions

As always, we've gathered a remarkable group of equine facilitators to lead us on our spiritual adventure with horses.

Dr. Jenn, founder of the Healing with Horse Collective will serve as your host for the series.

Download ONE or ALL of the following sessions (NOW RECORDED).

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Mon Oct 20th,
Heather Green of TealHealing.com

Keeping Your Healing Horses
Happy & Healthy:
Energy Clearing & Healing Techniques
that Benefit You and Your Horse

Are your horses clean and clear??? Learn powerful energy healing tools to help your healing horse(s) release any energy they take on from you, groups, or healing sessions. Ensure your horses stay happy and healthy as healers!

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Nov 3, 2014
Wendy Golding of Horse Spirit Connections

Guided Table-Top Healing with Horses

Horses are already offering us energy healing, why not create a sacred space, lie down, and invite them to do their profound work with us!


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Nov 10, 2014
Jennifer Oikle, Ph.D. of the Healing with Horse Collective

Dropping into Source:
Dissolving the Illusion of Pain into Peace,
with the Pegasus & Unicorn Energies

Underneath the Illusion of pain, there is always the Truth of Peace. Allow the Pegaus and Unicorn energies to help you dissolve the pain with a simple process which reveals how you can, moment to moment, always choose to live from the peaceful energy of Source.

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Nov 24, 2014
Vicki Talvi-Cole of
Horse Healing Gateway

Removing Psychic Cords &
Finding the Sacred Contracts
that Bind:
How to Take Ownership of your
Personal Power with Horse

Having trouble getting unstuck and moving forward? It could be a pyschic cord & contract that's holding you back. Discover how to identify and dissolve these energies so you can power ahead!

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Juli Lynch, Ph.D., of EPALA.org

Sound Healing with Horses:
Partnering with Horses to Experience the
Power of Vibrational Sound & Light
for Multi-Dimensional Healing

For eons, cultures all over the planet have used sound to effect profound change. See how to combine sound with horses for the ultimate healing experience!

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Spiritual Healing with Horse
Tele-Teaching Series!

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Entire Series: Spiritual Heaing With Horse

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Any Single Session

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Single Session: Spiritual Heaing With Horse

Special Option ~ Apply for a Sliding Scale Scholarship
We’re dedicated to everyone having access to ongoing equine-assisted education and inspiration, despite their financial situation. If you’d like to participate but cannot afford the full fee, please email for information: drjenn@healingwithhorse.com

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