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Session 4

*Dropping into Source*

Dissolving the Illusion of Pain into Peace,
with the Pegasus & Unicorn Energies


Dr. Jenn of the
Healing with Horse Collective

NOV 10th, 2014
7:00-8:30 pm, US Mountain time

About This Session

Awakening is all about raising your consciousness and your vibration, one layer at a time.  And if you are anything like me, your commitment to awakening has resulted in layer upon layer of mud, muck, and yuck coming into your awareness for review. Which is excellent, because this means it’s up for clearing and releasing!

Only, this roller coaster is not so much fun unless you work a reliable PROCESS to process the emotional baggage which is begging to be tossed out!

Join Dr. Jenn, the Founder of the Healing with Horse Collective, to discover a wonderful process, based on the work of The Journey from Brandon Bays, which will reliably help you transform everyday Pain into Peace.

In fact, with each new layer of PAIN that shows up in your life, your Soul is asking a question:

Do you choose Truth or Illusion?

After this session, you’ll have a new tool to choose the Freedom of Truth, in every moment.

Together, we’ll experience a process which will allow you or your clients to drop down into any pain until you reach Source, which is Infinite Peace. 

As you do so, you’ll see how it’s possible to dissolve layer upon layer of pain-filed Illusions, until you rest in the Truth, which is your birthright, that you are a Beautiful Being of Love, Light, and Peace.

From this place of Essence, everything is possible
! Imagine getting so good at dropping into this place, that you live your whole life from Source!

In fact, this process is such a bedrock
of emotional intelligence and transformation, that every man, woman, and child should know it so that they can scrub their energy field clean and shine the Bright Beacon of Light that they really are!

Even better, in this session, you’ll also discover how to partner with the Energies of the Pegasus & Unicorns so that they can support you to transmute old pain into peace. During this session, you will receive an energy activation from both the Pegasus and Unicorn energies, making it easier for you to partner with them to heal yourself, your clients, and your horses from this moment forward!

The Pegasus’ that we will work with carry the Rainbow energy, which holds all vibrations needed for healing and manifestation. And the Unicorns hold Soul level vibrations, so both are beneficial to any and all healing work you do. You may even get to meet a Unipeg or Pegacorn! Plus the Healing Horse Herd and your horse(s) will always support this work!

Ultimately, how easily we awaken has a lot to do with how swiftly we say YES to the pain that arrives in our consciousness, and thus, how quickly we can shift that Pain from Illusion to Truth. With this process on board, you’ll now have a powerful tool to use to accelerate your Ascension so that you can shine your light into the darkness, uplifting others with your very Essence, everywhere you go!


Meet your Expert Equine Facilitator!

Dr. Jenn
of the Healing with Horse Collective

Jennifer Oikle, Ph.D., otherwise known as Dr. Jenn., is the founder of the Healing with Horse Collective.

She is a relationship psychologist, Reiki Master Teacher, and founder of the Happily Ever After Holistic Healing Horse Ranch, in Parker, CO.

Her latest passion is bringing together equine facilitators to empower each other to expand their practice with horse so that more horses & humans can be uplifted all over the planet!

At her healing retreat she facilitates a unique form of Heart-Based, Soul-Centered, Equine-Assisted Coaching, called the Equine Inspired Inner Inquiry Process, which partners with horses to help people access and heal their deepest Core Wounds so they can dissolve their blocks to success and reclaim their Magnificence, in all areas of their lives! She offers individual sessions, intensive personal healing retreats, and phone sessions.

She’s also the founder of the Equestrian Enlightenment Alliance and the creator of two special e-books:

Awakening Unity with Horse: Revealing the True Spiritual Purpose of the Horse-Human Bond

Spiritual Adventures with Horse: True Tales & Tools to Uplift Your Journey with Horse, a powerful compilation of 17 contributing authors who share their own horse-inspired wisdom!

Please visit UnityWithHorse.com to download a free excerpt from either book!

Dr. Jenn has been a featured expert on HorseTipDaily.com and HorsesintheMorning.com and her work as a Dating coach has been featured many times on local TV and in national magazines such as Cosmopolitan and Redbook.

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